Use This Simple Formula to Create the Perfect Blog Tagline for Your Business

Need a little tagline help?
I want to share with you my simple formula to creating The perfect Blog Tagline for your business and Brand.

Whether you already have a Blog Tagline created or you’re looking to create and have one for your Brand this is really important if you want to speak the ‘marketing love language’ of your target market.

I’ve coached a lot of people on developing their online brands and one thing I know is if you’re not speaking the language of your target market, you’re wasting all your time in everything else.

The main problems I see out there with crappy taglines is they’re too vague and they miss the mark with who they’re speaking to.

Think of it this way

When someone sees your blog Tagline or Profile for the very first time will they understand and associate value with what your all about?

Take a look at My Blog Tagline on the home page of my blog to get a good understanding of the formula.

1. Who are you speaking to?

Don’t miss calling them out. In my tagline I mention ‘Home Business Entrepreneurs’ So if someone hits my Blog and they’re a Home Business Entrepreneur they’ll know they’re in the right spot.

2. What’s Your Specialty and what can you DO for your target audience?

Be as specific and unique as possible. If you see my tagline you’ll see that my specialty is helping my target audience to generate leads and recruit more reps…..more specifically through Blogging. You see how I’m really specific?

If you follow that very simply formula you should be able to come up with a very catchy and specific Blog Tagline for your Business and Brand.

Bonus tip:

With such a competitive world with a lot of noise, think about how you can stand out and be different with creating your perfect tagline.

Your action step:

Grab a pen and paper and start brain storming your taglines. Share your blog tagline in the comments section below, I’d love to help you tweak and craft it!


Tanya Aliza




“Helping Home Business Entrepreneurs to
Generate More Leads & Recruit More Reps”

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Tanya Aliza April 3, 2014 Blogging for Your Home Business