5 Engaging Social Media Post Ideas That Will Get You More Business

There’s no doubt that having plenty of engaging social media post ideas is important if you want to attract customers and sales for your business.

But if you’re not getting enough eyeballs on your posts then you’re just wasting your precious time…

So what the heck do you post to get lots of interest and business started?

In this Episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I’m going to give you 5 Engaging Social Media Post Ideas that you can use right away that will help you attract more customers and sales for your business.

5 Engaging Social Media Post Ideas That Will Get You More Business – Episode 169

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Before you post on Social Media about your business, products or services… there’s a couple of things you need to know.

If you’re in Network Marketing do not mention the name of your company or products in your social media posts…

Instead, use these 5 Engaging Social Media Post Ideas


Because you don’t want to give your audience over to Google or your competitors.

What’s the first thing we all do when we learn about a product or company?

We Google it of course.

And it’s highly possible that your people will end up over on your competitor’s website or find stuff that’s not even accurate about your company or product.

And worst-case scenario? They end up buying from your competitor and not you!

Let’s avoid that from happening.

So for that reason, you don’t want to mention company or product names and instead create curiosity so people are wanting to learn more about your product, service or business.

Always share stories or benefits as part of your engaging social media post ideas

You always want to speak in stories or benefits in your social media posts.

Stories are one of the most powerful ways to move people into action.

So creating a post where you share a story (your own or someone else’s) will help get you people reaching out to you wanting more information.

And also speak about the benefits of your product, service or business.

You never want to tell people what it is…instead, tell them what it does.

Speak in stories and benefits and you will go so much further in your social media posting efforts.

It’s okay if your engaging social media post ideas are funny (it’s actually highly encouraged)

Hey… it’s okay to be goofy and funny…if that’s who you are!

Take your professional hat off and have some fun by being yourself on social media.

I highly encourage this if you want TONS of engagement and followers.

Okay so let’s dive right into the type of social media posts you want to be doing to get the most eyeballs and engagement

Engaging Social Media Post Ideas – #1 Referral Posts

We talk a lot about this type of posts in the training that you can register for in this blog episode.

But essentially referrals posts are where you take stories of your customers or other customers that exist in your company and you talk about their story and their journey.

You can be specific with how the product has benefited them and/or their families.

This type of posts are very powerful and get lots of engagement.

Engaging Social Media Post Ideas – #2 Recognition Posts

Anytime we have a milestone or rank advancement happen for someone in our team we shout it out from the rooftops.

That’s right…we celebrate this on social media by creating a recognition post.

This draws in a lot of attention and gets people curios and you’ll have people reaching out to you asking you what’s going on.

Engaging Social Media Post Ideas – #3 Interviews

Think of someone who is having some type of success and ask to interview them on a Facebook Live.

This way it shows up on the news feed and people can tune in and watch it.

This is so powerful.

And remember don’t speak about the products or company but focus on their accomplishments of being in the business or the benefits of them using your products.

Engaging Social Media Post Ideas – #4 Testimonial Posts

These are similar to referral posts but with more of a focus on business and or customers.

If you have someone that gives you a great testimonial or you have a Facebook group or business page that you can screenshot testimonials from…then do so and post them on your news feed.

These create a lot of buzz and engagement so make sure you’re using them as part of your social media post ideas.

Engaging Social Media Post Ideas – #5 Demo Post

This applies to people that have products that can be demoed.

For example, if you have makeup products you can do those posts where you do a tutorial on how you put makeup on with your product line.

Or if you have skin care products you can do a demo of your skin care regime for people to see.

Got jewelry? Showcase it so people can see it.

These are just some examples of product types that can be demoed but basically, you’ll want to take advantage of this because it’s really hot right now.

PRO TIP: These types of posts work especially well on Instagram so take advantage of this.

Engaging Social Media Post Ideas – In Closing

Get started with implementing 1 or 2 of these right now and then add a couple of the other ones once you get the hang of it.

Keep in mind…people are what make up this thing we call social media so make sure you speak in benefits because people only care about what your products, business or services can do for them…not what your products are or how much you love them!

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Did you get some value from these engaging social media post ideas?

I hope you did because each week I put my heart into making sure you get some engaging social media post ideas so you can rock it in your business while creating a life you love.

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Question of The Week: Do you have a favorite engaging Social Media Post type that you use in your business that’s working?

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Hope you enjoyed these engaging social media post ideas:)

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