Calling & Closing Your Home Business Leads – Use this Easy Formula

I'm excited to share this Video and post with you today on calling and closing your Home Business leads.

If you're at the point where you're starting to generate a some leads for your home Business, it's really important to understand how to lead the conversation so that it goes in a positive direction.

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Wouldn't it be nice to have 70% of the leads that you talk to show interest in your business?

Wanna know how to make that happen without being salesy or weird?

That's what I thought 🙂

Video: How I Call My Home Business Leads

The #1 important thing to remember is to be cool and have fun. I actually call this my Be Cool Strategy.

No one likes to be sold but everyone likes to buy. When I talk to my leads I treat them as if they're a friend and we've know each other for long time. I steer clear of sounding scripted or phony.

This immediately will build rapport and easy the call.

All my leads are generated through my own funnels and blog so my people generally know a little bit about me before a call them so this makes for a fun call.

Come from a place of wanting to help!

This is some of the best advice that I can share when you're calling your leads.

Yes my goal is share my business with them, but at the same time it might not be the best option for them.

What!!!?? My business might not be the best option for them??? 

How can that be?

Well it might not. You don't know unless you ask, so I make sure I'm always leading my people in the right direction that's best for them, not me.

How do you know what's best for them?

Ask them some questions and pre-qualify them.

I don't want to work with Everyone. I want to work with the right people that I know I'd ENJOY working with.

Otherwise it's a waste of both our time.

So here's the questions that I ask my prospects to see what's best for them. 

1. What do you currently do?
2. How long have you been doing that?
3. What has you looking/working a side project
(this will allow me to discover their WHY)
4. What's your monthly income goal?
5. How any extra hours a week can you realistically dedicate to building something on the side?

By asking these questions you can see what they're expectations are and if you're even able to meet them.

By asking these questions it will also allow you to have a short but decent conversation with your lead and by about 5 mins in, you'll know if you'd like to work with them and help them towards their goals.

If I like them and I feel that they'd be a great asset to the team I'll transition and ask them if they keep their options open if something crossed their desk that looked amazing and could help them achieve their goals.

Almost everyone says YES because rather than talking about me and how great my company is, I took the time to find out what was most important to them and built the value around helping them.

When I present my business it rarely has anything to do with our products, facts, time in business, comp plan or anything else. It has everything to do with helping that person achieve what they want and being that vehicle that's going to drive them there.

If your lead can truly see it that way, based on you taking the time to find out what's most important to them, you'll have a new teammate faster than you can say ‘teammate'.

This is how the professionals work their leads.

And it's also the right way to operate your business. It's about them, not you, in Network Marketing.

Put this training in place the next time you go to call your Home Business Leads!

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