How I Created Success in MLM FAST

If there was just one thing that I could share that would create success in MLM Fast it would be the simple fact that you have to learn how to build a powerful initial story to share with others and your team.

In this video I’m actually broadcasting Tanya Aliza TV live from the Western Caribbean Cruise that I just got back from…..I won this cruise with my company and I share with you a very critical strategy that you need to take action on if you want to create success in mlm fast ….like I know you do!

Video: How I Created Success in MLM Fast

There are a lot of MLM Strategies out there but this is one of  the most powerful ways that you can get people to join your team… have to create that team that they’re going to be excited to join.

That means exuding posture and excitement with the people that you’re showing this to. You have to be able to give them a story that they can get excited about.

The worst thing that can happen is your prospect asks you ‘How Long have you been doing this?’ and you have to respond with a long time frame with little or no results.

How do you get the results and get that success in mlm?


You have to go out there and get it!

Own it! Act like you’re already a top earner…..feel it and own it.

I’ve always believed in my heart that if I can do this…..Anyone can.


Because I look at what I’ve done to create success in mlm and all I did was picked up the phone, made an appointment for someone to review my presentation, showed them my presentation and collected a decision.

Can Anyone do that?

Of course……but we have to be careful of what’s simple TO do……is also simple NOT to do.

The only difference between the people that have success in mlm and the people that are still struggling to get there is the simple fact that the successful people are showing the most people.

What if I could tell you for absolute certainty that if you went out there and showed 2 people per day your presentation for 6 months you could be in the top 2% of your company’s income earners?

Would you do it?

Well if you do…..

You will be in the top 2%.

Any top earner that has already created success in mlm will agree 100% with me (leave me a comment below if you agree)

Your initial ‘out of the gate’ story is going to be the foundation of your success and I really want you to have a powerful story for you and your team…..

I know you want that too but are you bold enough to go out there and get it?

Some people will be able to get past their fears and some won’t. I know for me it took me a little bit of time to break through some of my biggest fears. One of the biggest fears I had was what people thought of me…..I was afraid to be judged for stepping out of the ‘Rat Race’ and leaving a secure high paying JOB…..

But I decided that it’s MY LIFE……not anyone elses and I was going to fight for me and my families freedom

Because no one else was going to but ME.

I encourage you to START or RE-START your business TODAY and create that story you and everyone else is going to admire and be excited about.

It’s time to create that Success in MLM that you know IS Possible.

I believe in YOU!

Tanya Aliza




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