The #1 Best Way to Overcome the Fear of Rejection

I think we all suffer slightly from the fear of rejection in some form or another… Or at least we once did till we overcame it.

In this post, I’m going to help you overcome it but I hope you’re ready for a real raw post today because I’m gonna shoot you straight and it might toughen you up a bit.

When I first got started in my home business I was timid, shy and thought I wasn’t a sales person.

I quickly learned that sales is the highest paid profession in the world and I committed to learning the skills necessary to become good at sales.

You see, whether you want to admit It or not… You’re in sales. You’re either selling yourself or your products each day. So I’d encourage you to get good at sales, if you get good at sales, you make a lot of money and impact a lot of people.

Part of learning how to get good at sales is learning how to overcome the fear of rejection.

It’s just part of what we do.

I’ve learned to eliminate the word rejection from my vocabulary because we’re not personally getting rejected, the other party just doesn’t see the value in what we’re offering and there’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s just the same as you going for ice cream and there’s 80 flavors to choose from and you choose chocolate chip mint (my total favorite)… Does that mean that you rejected all the other 79 flavors?

Of course not. You might try one next time, but for now you didn’t want the other flavors.

The ice cream store did a great job of presenting the flavors to you but you just didn’t want to try them at that time.

So the first challenge is to eliminate the word rejection completely.

We can choose how we view things and I choose not to ever feel rejected.

Here’s the #1 way to eliminate the fear of rejection so that you power through what you know you have to do in your business.

Get REAL With Your WHY


I’m gonna get real with you here. If you are scared to do what you know you have to do, it’s because you don’t have something that’s important to you enough that drives you.

Yeah yeah, I know…. You might be sitting there reading this and saying “but Tanya I have a why that makes me cry”

I’m gonna say “bulls%*^# that why isn’t strong enough because if it were, you’d be getting out there and doing what it takes without allowing a silly little fear hold you back”

Sorry, I warned you in the beginning that this might get raw.

The people that I’ve seen climb the ranks fast were people who had a vision that was WAY bigger than any ridiculous fear. People who harness fears are too comfortable.

Have you ever seen a homeless person fear rejection? Hell no. They’re fending for their life and if they’re hungry they’ll do whatever it takes to eat.

In a sense, that homeless person is stronger than some of us. Some of us are sitting at home, warm, roof over the head and a fridge full of food and we’re scared to call our friend to share an amazing opportunity with them???

What if you had to make you’re business work because in 30 days you’d be homeless if you didn’t?

Would you treat your business a little differently?

That’s what a lot of us have to do.

We have to get uncomfortable to get comfortable.

We have to overcome the fear of rejection now because every minute you hold on to that fear will be every minute more that you’re sabotaging your success.

Grab a piece of paper and write this down:

What would happen if I don’t build this business?

Now look at your answer. Is it something that motivates you enough to get moving without excuses?

If it doesn’t piss you off enough you need to write something else down.

Get something on paper that when you look at it it boils up anger if you don’t accomplish it.

You might have to drill deep and get real with yourself but this is going to be one of the most powerful exercises you do to overcome the fear of rejection.

I challenge you to do it.

Taking this one step further if you’re up for the challenge.

Comment below and share what you wrote down. By declaring it publicly you’ll be more committed to making it happen.

If you have anyone that you feel might need this message today, please share it with them.

I hope this helps you overcome your fear of rejection. It helped me immensely.

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