Network Marketing Tips – The #1 Way to Get More People to Join You

When most people give Network Marketing Tips they’re too vague or too fluffy. In this Video I want to give you a real and proven way to get more people to join you and yes to what you have to offer.

Over the years of being in Networking Marketing and having success along the way, I get to watch a lot of people enter the industry and leave the industry. One of the main reasons I believe most people quit is their expectations were not properly set in the beginning and false hopes were put in place.

My Network Marketing Tips will always stem from a place of personal exercise. If I’ve personally implemented a strategy and it works…..I will teach my team, but alternatively if I haven’t implemented something and I don’t know what the results will be, I won’t teach it. There are too many ‘Gurus’ out there teaching methods that ‘look good’ but they’ve never had success with the method their teaching.

One of my main Networking Marketing Tips is revealed in this short video

So if you watched the video I hope you understand the power of investing in YOU first before anyone else will ever spend money with you.

Having Success in Network Marketing is a personal development journey and the leaders that choose to invest in themselves the most will ultimate have the most success.

How do I know this?

I’ve seen it time and time again and I know that any Network Marketing leader will agree with me.

One of the Best Network Marketing Tips I’ve seen on Facebook

Ray Higdon, who happens to be my business partner, is an amazing leader in our industry and he just posted this comment in our private Facebook:

Ray Higdon Rant Network marketing Success

Network Marketing Success comes from showing up, making zero excuses, investing in your personal development to increase your value and by NEVER QUITTING.

If you employ ALL these attributes you will attract the same kind of people in your Business.

If you’re the type of person that makes excuses for why you can make it to the events or why you can’t do this or that…. Guess what?

That’s who you’re going to attract and we both know where that Business will end up!

Network Marketing Tips that are shiny objects that sound good are probably just that and you’d be surprised at how simple this business is if you just follow the basics and learn how to value yourself first.

In the Video I shared how last year I invested in $20,000 in courses, events, coaching and travel so that I could be a person that people would want to spend money with…..was it worth it?

You better believe it.

However when I first got started in Network Marketing I didn’t have that kind of money yet….but the money I did have (and I could come up with) I invested into me and my business education because I knew that I was learning a million dollar skill and I was committed to charging strong for a few short years to create a LIFE of freedom.

I love this industry and I wish you the most Network Marketing Success….Please treat this like a business so it can pay you like a business.

If you liked these Network Marketing Tips please stay and snoop around on my blog and feel free to share this with anyone you feel might need it right now!

Have an Amazing Day My Friend & Be Blessed!

Tanya Aliza




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