5 Shaklee Business Training Secrets to Significantly Increase Your Results

Shaklee BusinessShaklee  Business Training is Essential if you’re going to be Prosperous!

Shaklee has a wonderful vision with their natural product line and their efforts in helping the environment. The Shaklee business training opportunity can be very profitable provided it is exercised with the proper mindset and actions. However, being a Shaklee distributor without understanding the basic fundamentals of the network marketing mindset and actions, you’re going to find it very difficult to build a successful Shaklee team. I want to share with you 5 quick Shaklee Business Training Secrets to increase your Shaklee business results.

Shaklee Business Training Secret #1

Determine why you are a Shaklee distributor and write it down.

I’m going to say it one more time, “write it down”. You’ve probably heard this many times already but you’re more likely to achieve what you desire if it is written down and starring back at you. This has been proven over and over again, plain and simple, period. When I sponsor someone I make sure I know why they’re working with me and vice versa, this way we can motivate each other with our dreams.  We can even go one step further and make a vision board which is tremendously effective. I made a vision board for the first time in 2009  and one year later everything on my board came to reality that I had to make a new one, I wish I would’ve started this task years ago.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else” – David P. Campbell

Shaklee Business Training Secret #2

As a Shaklee distributor, commit to your business.

Remember that this is a Business and possibly something that you have never done before. Do you think that with those variables that you’re destined to get rich in 6 months? Most likely not, I have seen it but in exceptional cases. Commit to your Shaklee business and Shaklee Training for a minimum of 1 year and be prepared for a learning curve of 3-6 months. Making a commitment will include taking action, spending the appropriate amount of money, reading, listening, turning the T.V. off etc. With this Shaklee business mindset you can not fail.  MLM is the best industry that provides the greatest personal development, the education that’s available is priceless and worth any amount of auto-ship alone. MLM should not be hyped as a “get rich quick scheme” but anyone that commits to a solid MLM Company for 3-5 years will be very wealthy and 3-5 years to make a million sounds great to me!

Shaklee Business Training Secret #3

Never go into “Manager Mode”, this will kill your Shaklee business.

This is an incredible Shaklee Training Tip so listen up! As a Shaklee distributor, you have only 3 income producing activities. You make money from recruiting new distributors, retail sales and team volume, that’s it that’s all. You need to make sure that you are absolutely exercising one of those three activities all the time. “Manager Mode” is when you take a break from the income producing activities and you start babysitting your team in hopes that they build your business. Once you stop sponsoring and selling so will your team; lead by example and create momentum. If you’re doing this consistently for 1 year your business will explode and be massively profitable. Please don’t waste time, money or energy on any other activities besides the ones that build your Shaklee Training and business.

Shaklee Business Training Secret #4

Your Shaklee distributor goal is to ask a ton of questions and listen.

Talk less and listen more. It’s really this simple. People care more about what they have to say rather than what you have to say. Remember this the next time you are in a conversation with someone and you’ll see what we mean. As much as you want to talk about yourself, don’t. Ask a ton of questions to find out what the other person needs and supply a solution to their needs. Once you master this skill you are going to see some dramatic results in your Shaklee business. Have you ever noticed that people tend to be more attracted to listeners rather than big talkers? Interesting isn’t it?

Shaklee Business Training Secret #5

Get a successful Shaklee Business system in place.

It is critical to have a system for your Shaklee business set in place that trains new people for you on how to create wealth through this amazing company.  If you don’t have a team system, you’re going to experience frustration, doubt, and your team won’t be able to grow quickly.  Get a system that teaches people how to market, generate leads, follow up with prospects, and enroll new distributors and then get to work.  It’s amazing how much a simple duplicable system will make a difference.

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