My New Favorite Social Media Prospecting Tool… It’s Free too!

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your Social Media account wondering ‘If only I knew what to say to people to get them interested in my Product/Opportunity’?

I found something that I’ve been using for a while now and it’s an amazing Social Media Prospecting tool that takes the guess work out of where to to go.

When you’re on Social Media, what’s the number one thing you need to know to Prospect for Success? And what do You say to get prospects to ENGAGE with you and get them interested in what you have (regardless of your company, product, or opportunity)?

I’m going to show you my Favorite Tool that will help you Find Your Perfect Prospects and you’ll know exactly what to say to get them interested in what you have to offer.

My New Favorite Social Media Prospecting Tool… It’s Free too – Episode 5

I have a Free Guide that I’ve put together called the Social Media Scripts That Convert. This is such a great Freebie to go with today’s episode! I should probably be charging for it, but for now, it’s my Free Gift to You.

Or TEXT 5download to 44222 and I’ll send it straight to your email. You’re going to love it!

The Free Facebook Tool You Should Be Using To Find Your Perfect Prospects On Social Media

I’m going to show you in the Video above exactly where I learned to find my Perfect Prospects on Facebook, but you can apply these same techniques on any other Social Media platforms too.

There’s a Free Tool on Facebook that I personally love and I believe every Business Owner – Home Based Business Owner, Online or Offline, or even Brick and Mortar Business Owner should be using to find people that are perfect for their Product, Service, or Opportunity.

Hop over to Facebook and if we aren’t already connect there, Like my Page at

I post a lot of Free Training and Tips there and I use Facebook along with my Blog to generate most of my Business.

Very few people use this Free Tool and it is an awesome resource that Facebook offers.

The Facebook Audience Insights Tool – Have Your Heard Of It?

OMG… This will help you so much in your business.

To use this Free Tool, all you need to do is set up an Ads Account through Facebook. You don’t have to be running Ads, but to take advantage of this Tool, you do need an account set up.

I’ll leave a link in the resource section below to directions on how to set up an Ads account with Facebook if you don’t already have one.

After you’ve setup your Ads account, you can click the little drop down arrow on the top right-hand corner of Facebook then Click > Manage Ads.

Follow these Steps and the video instructions above:

Click on Manage Ads > Tools > Audience Insights > click Everyone on Facebook

On the left hand side, you’ll see you can specify your Target Audience by Location, Age, Gender and their specific Interests.

If you’ve been to one of your company events, you probably know the majority of people that your Target Audience consists of. You can also ask yourself, ‘what type of people do I want to work with specifically?’ This will help you narrow it down.

Watch the Video to see how I found my Target Audience and how you can find yours too using the Audience Insights Tool.

Find Places You Never Would Have Thought Of – This Is Where The Magic Happens

After you’ve dialed in where your Perfect Prospect lives, their age and gender, you can search for more specific Page Interests they have. For example, if your niche is Travel, you could search people that like the First Class Travel page on Facebook.

Under the Page Likes tab at the top, Facebook shows you the Top Pages/Communities where your Target Audience is also hanging out.
Some will be relevant to what you are offering and some will not.

Side Note: If no options come up under the Page Likes tab, you need to search a new targeted interest.

After you’ve found a relevant Page within your search under the Top Categories list, go to that page(s) and check out:

The overall number of people that like the page

How often the Page Admin is posting new content, and

How much engagement and comments there are happening on that page.

You’re looking for active communities that are interested in the topic that fits with your product, service, or opportunity

Now that you’ve found your Fishing Hole of Perfect Prospects, What’s Next?

The people that are engaging on these niche specific Pages are all potential customers for you. Now you can get the conversation started.

Tanya's Social Media Scripts

‘But Tanya, what do I say?’

Well… I’m glad you asked,

I’ve created a 3-part Message Formula to help you know exactly What To Say and When in my Social Media Scripts That Convert…. Make sure you get it and most importantly, make sure you use it!

These are the same scripts I teach my team to use.

The Social Media Scripts That Convert will help you start the conversation and begin to build relationships with these people who are interested in what you have to offer.
Make sure to watch the video included in this post for a full walk through.

I hope you found value in this and the FREE resource that we’re giving away this week.

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Share your results with me in the comments section below. I’d love to hear how these Social Media scripts are helping you and your business!

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