Social Media Training – 9 Tips To Grow Your Network Marketing Business

This might be a controversial Social Media Training and I'm certain some of this you're never going to hear your Network Marketing company teach, but you do want to grow your business right?…

Being a top recruiter in my Network Marketing company and also creating a 7- figure business online, I’ve learned A LOT when it comes to Social Media.

I took my business online in 2010 and now more than 88% of my business is now built through Social Media…. And that's why I love everything that revolves around Social Media Training and getting better for you so you can copy my successes!

This week, I’m sharing 9 of my favorite Social Media tips for Network Marketers so you can generate more business towards your product, service, or opportunity and start attracting more people to you on your profile.

Social Media Training For Network Marketing – Episode 20

With every episode at, I like to give you a free resource that you can download and implement inside of your business and start seeing results with.

This week, I put together a Free Resource for you called 10 Top Network Marketing Profiles on Social Media & How You Can Model Them!Social Media Training - 10 top network marketing profiles

This FREE download is the perfect tool to help you see some of the top Network Marketers Social Media Profiles and what they do that just Works!

Grab this week’s Free Resource to start modeling these Social Media Rock Stars and understand what they do differently and how you can do it to.

So let’s get into My 9 Favorite Social Media Tips…

#1 Use Your Personal Picture As Your Social Media Profile Picture

Go figure, right? It says put your picture, it doesn’t say put your cat, your dog, or even your company logo! When you're using Social Media to grow your business, people want to get to know you (maybe even snoop on you) and they want to see your smiling face.

#2 Work and Education Section on Social Media – What to do?

Even though it may be tempting to go switch your employer information to your new Network Marketing company as soon as you hit submit on your application, please trust me when I say.. this is not going to help you in your business. Why? Because this eliminates curiosity. The goal is to always create curiosity and have people asking you “what do you do for a living?”…. you don't want them Googling the name and building their own judgement.

#3 Stop Selling & Start Story-Telling

People don’t go to Social Media to be sold, they're there to be Social. If you're doing any kind of business on Social Media or you want to, for the love of everything Social, please please read Jab Jab Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk. It will help you understand how to respect the Social Media platforms so you get more engagement and more people asking about your business on Social Media. The book is also great in showing you how to offer value and share stories first before ever asking for anything in return.

#4 We're In The Lifestyle Business

People want to live a fun and free life – that’s what we're selling. So when you're using Social Media to grow your business, give people something good to watch. Post family pictures, post lifestyle pictures, post about you traveling and things you're doing. The more you post about lifestyle and stories, the more your audience grows to know, like, and trust you.

#5 Tanya Challenge – Reach Out To 1-5 People Per Day & Leave Them Feeling Good

On Social Media, reach out to 1-5 people each day and send them a message that makes them feel good. You can leave them a nice comment that genuinely makes them feel good. I will add, this is NOT the time to share any Call To Action or business links. This is only a message to compliment or leave them feeling really good. (Commit to doing this for 30 days, heck – let's do a Year!) What this does over time, is it creates a community of people that think you're Awesome and if you have a ton of people who are following you and think you Rock, the more people that will interested in what it is you're doing.

#6 Do NOT Mention Your Company Name On Social Media (This is where it gets a little controversial)

This is a huge Social Media Training Tip…

If you mention your company on Social Media, you eliminate curiosity, people go Google your company and you loose control of the exposure process or worse, they might buy or join with someone else.

Instead, post lifestyle and testimonials and ask people to reach out to you to learn more about what you have. Which leads me to my next tip…

#7 Ask People To Private Message You

I know you're probably asking yourself if you aren’t posting specifically about your company or products, how do you get people interested in what you have?

Here’s what to do –

If you’re sharing a story, testimonial, income or product success story, you want to have a Call To Action at the end of that post. This creates curiosity and leaves your audience with value without you being salesy or pushing something at them to buy.

For example, “If you're interested in learning more, send me a private message. I’d be happy to let you know what we are doing.”

#8 Do Not Share Your Company Website Link On Social Media

Similar to tip #7, we want to share stories and encourage people to reach out to us via a Private Message for more information. If you post your company website, they’ll go and Google your company and you loose control of the exposure process. You may never even know they were interested if you share your company website link on Social Media.

#9 Social Media Training Tip – Have a Facebook Fan Page!

You may or may not know, but it is against Facebook’s Terms and Conditions to promote any business on your personal profile. A lot of people don’t know that, but having a Fan Page gives you instant credibility and authority with your market and more people will take you seriously about your business. If you don't have a Facebook Fan Page yet make sure to check out my training below in the resources section called Unlimited Fan Page Profits.

Make sure to grab this week’s Free Resource to start learning how to take your Social Media efforts to a new level and model some of my favorite Social Media Rock Stars to understand what they do differently and how you can do it to.

I hope you got a ton of value from this week’s training video and free resource.

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Some Awesome Resources To Help You Grow Your Business On Social Media

Ultimate Fan Page ProfitsLearn More

If you don’t have a Facebook Fan Page yet and you’re looking at all these rock stars with Fan Page's and you want one for yourself… Unlimited Fan Page Profits is a training that I put together that will walk you through the steps of building a Profitable Facebook Page and marketing plan to generate leads, build a big audience so you can make daily sales.

FB Live Checklist (Free) – Learn More

This is my go-to checklist that I’ve been using before, during and after my FB Live broadcasts that have gotten me tens of thousands on eyeballs on my products and services!

It’s no secret that doing FB Lives can bring you a lot of exposure and business, but sometimes it can be exhausting and intimidating to know if you’re doing them right to get people to actually take the next step with you

10k Social Media Recruiting FormulaLearn More

This is a training by my good friend Jessica Higdon. Jessica has created a $10,000/mo income in her network marketing company from prospecting and recruiting through Facebook. In this training she reveals exactly what she’s done to achieve this. It really is a great training for you and your team.

Jab Jab Jab Right HookLearn more

This is one of my favorite books and I recommend it to anyone that wants to master the art of Social Media to get it and read it 5 times! It teaches you how to function on Social Media to get the most results.

So… Did you enjoy the Social Media Training? Leave me a comment below and let me know. I'd love to chat and connect with you more.

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