Work Life Balance Tips To Help You Balance Business And Family Life

If you’re looking for work life balance tips it’s safe to say that you love your BUSINESS and your FAMILY.

BUT you might be feeling…

…Disorganized? Burnt out? Behind? Rushed?

And need some tips that will actually help you find that balance so you can keep your sanity.

Imagine how good it would feel to say BUH BYE to that state of overwhelm – and find some work-life balance in the craziness of it all!

It’s challenging but not impossible.

If you’re looking to build a successful business and still be mom or dad of the year…this Episode is for you!

In this episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I’m bringing in some of my besties that are parents and crushing it in business to share their best work-life balance tips that will help you have a wildly successful business as well as be mom or dad of the year.

Work-Life Balance Tips To Help You Balance Business And Family Life – Episode 168

With every Episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I like to empower you with a POWERFUL free resource that you can implement right away and create results with fast in your business.

This week since we’re talking about balancing work and family I’m giving you My Time Management Map that will show you how to get everything done AND still have a family life that rocks!

Okay okay…I know what you’re thinking…

‘But Tanya, you are not a Mom yet so how in the world can you give me work-life balance tips when you don’t fully understand this dynamic yet?’

Ok, that's a fair question…

However, I work with a lot of moms and dads with time management strategy and I hear a lot about this dynamic.

Plus, I have a fur baby… What? Does that not count? (help me out here) lol

Okay, I definitely want you to take me seriously…

…so not only am I giving you my time management hacks, but I’m also going to share time management hacks from real my moms and dads that are currently crushing it in business.

You’re going to hear directly from them and their work-life balance tips on how to get it all done and still be a great mom or dad.

First, you’ll hear from me. I’ll share my best productivity & work-life balance tips and then you’ll get to hear from my real life mom and dad friends that are crushing it in business.

So let’s dive right in…

Work-Life Balance Tips – #1 – Time blocks are your new best friend

There are pockets of time during your day that you can work on building your business.

But the question is…are you maximizing those times to get your most important work done or are you doing ‘busy’ work?

If you’re not using this time blocking strategy yet here’s what you’ll want to do:

Take out your calendar and find the times of your day where you will be focusing 100% of your time and energy on working your business.

When you find those times of your day block it out so you can see it.

It could be 15 mins…half an hour…an hour…two hours…does not matter.

Whatever you’ve got block it out and focus ONLY on the money making activities that will move the needle closer to your goals.

Turn off all distractions like social media, email, notifications and put a sock on the door and let your family know that you're not to be disturbed UNLESS it’s an actual emergency.

Make time blocks your new best friend and start getting into this habit TODAY.

Work-Life Balance Tips – #2 – It’s all in your head

Here’s a harsh and painful reality for high achievers…I hate to even hear myself say this BUT…

You’ll never ever ever get everything done….

In life, there will always be a million and one things to do…that’s the reality.

So ask yourself, ‘What’s the one BIG thing that I can do today that will make all the difference?’

If you take that ONE big thing and focus on it during your precious time blocks…it will help you avoid the overwhelm that comes from focusing on 10 small things at the same time.

Okay enough of me and my work life balance tips…let’s hear it from some of my besties that are parents and are absolutely crushing it in business and life.

So let's dive right into their juicy work-life balance tips…

Work-Life Balance Tips from my good buddy Darin Kidd

If you're a parent you’ll wanna perk your ears up and listen to what Darin has to say here because not only is his story amazing…but he’s a successful businessman, husband, and father to 5 wonderful kids.

Darin’s journey in network marketing is incredible.

He failed at Network Marketing for 7 years and then swore he would NEVER do it again.

But then he found some great mentors and that changed everything for him.

He took his family from being on welfare to becoming a 7-figure earner.

Work-Life Balance Tips from Darin – #1 What to do when there’s no work-life balance

In business, things will get hard. Really hard. That’s an inevitable truth.

Especially in the very beginning when your working way harder than what you’re getting back in return.

And most parents give up at this point.

But one of the biggest tips Darren has for parents is to use your family as the reason why you persevere in network marketing when the going gets really tough.

A lot of parents start out with their families being the reason they start their business but then later use their family as the reason to get out.

So his first tip is that when you feel like quitting…remember the reason you got started in the first place.

It will help you persevere when the emotional roller coaster of building a business gets intense and all balance seems to have gone out the window.

This is only a temporary phase in business and he’s a great example of what happens when you prepare yourself mentally to keep pushing through this time so you can later reap the benefits of all the crazy hard work you’ve put in.

Work-Life Balance Tips from Darin – #2 Stay consistent

Another work-life balance tips he shared is to stay consistent and persistent with the small activities every day that appear to make no difference at all but over time just compound and make all the difference.

This is something he and his wife have committed to as well to help them maintain that balance in their relationship and family life.

Work-Life Balance Tips from Darin – #3 Don’t go out to build your business… build it while you’re out!

This has got to be my favorite tip he shared because it’s just so powerful.

He doesn’t create this BIG divide between his work and life.

He doesn’t go out to build his business he just builds his business while he’s out.

This is one of those foundational mindset shifts that need to happen when you leave the traditional 9-5 model and become a business owner.

So for example…when he’s waiting in the car to pick up his kid's from school he’s got his phone in hand and he’s building that business.

So he’s doing all the Dad stuff but he’s being really smart about using those small pockets of time to get his income-producing activities in and it’s made all the difference for him.

Biggest Take Away: You are going to work hard anyway …whether it’s staying at a job you hate or anything else…so why not put that time and energy into building something that will eventually give you a life where you can be there for your family while building a business you actually enjoy.

Work Life Balance Tips from my good friend and Lady Boss Beth Holden Graves

Okay, these tips from Beth are going to be HOT…literally!

She shares tactical tips to help you get your family on board with your vision and also keep things hot in the bedroom so all you ladies out there… get ready! lol

Beth has built a HUGE team of thousands and thousands in network marketing and also has a husband and two wonderful children that she adores.

How does she balance it all?

Here are some of her work-life balance tips for all you momma’s out there:

Work Life Balance Tips from Beth – # 1 Communicate with your family

When Beth started her business she sat her family down and shared her vision and made it really clear as far as what achieving that vision would look like.

She also included their vision as part of the family vision that they would all work towards.

This way they felt included and saw that they were a part of that bigger picture and were able to support her so they could all achieve that vision together as a family.

Work Life Balance Tips from Beth – # 2 Create a calendar for the entire family

Create a calendar where the entire family can see what everyone is doing and where everyone will be at certain times of the day.

In this calendar, Beth would schedule individual one-on-one time with her children and they were able to see when they would be spending quality time together.

Work-Life Balance Tips from Beth – #3 Schedule time with your spouse

Okay, ladies…it’s about to get real and hot in here.

Beth’s happy husband tip:

You gotta always find a way to show your husband that you are interested…still interested if you’ve been married awhile lol

Beth admits this might sound weird but she actually schedules time in her calendar to show her husband that she still appreciates him and is highly ‘interested' in him.

If you know what I mean! haha!

That’s all I’ll say here since we gotta keep this blog post rated PG… lol

Work-Life Balance Tips from Beth – #3 Be present when you're with your family

Set boundaries with your phone.

When your spending time with your family put the phone away.

Be present when you are with them and your family will support you and the vision that you have for building your business.

Biggest Take Away: Share your vision with your family and include them in that vision so that your all working together as a family towards the same goals.

Work Life Balance Tips from my good friend and Lady Boss Ismary Leon

And last but not least I had to get a good tip from my good friend and total LadyBoss Ismary Leon because not only does she rock in business but she homeschools her 4 kids as well.

Some of you may already know her because she’s my Business Operations/Marketing Manager here at

But for those who don’t, she works full-time with me AND she’s also homeschooled her 4 kids for over 10 years and has run multiple businesses with her husband in the past.

I personally know her family and they all adore her and have nothing but wonderful things to say about her.

So she obviously knows a thing or two about keeping that work-life balance as a mom.

Which is why I had to get her to share at least one tactical work-life balance tip with all of us.

Work Life Balance Tips from Ismary – #1 Be intentional and meal prep so you have time for what matters most to you

She shared something that has really helped her create more time in her day so she can spend more time with her kids and also take care of herself really well.

Okay… so how many of us spend too much time trying to figure out what to cook for dinner?

How much money and time gets wasted on this when we don’t properly plan ahead?

According to Ismary…too much and it’s gotta stop!

As a mom of four who homeschool’s and manages a business full-time… she batches her meals so she’s not coking every single day.

This is great for moms who don’t want to spend an entire Sunday slaving away in the kitchen meal prepping (cause that’s not what Sundays are for)

So what she does is she plans what they’ll eat for dinner about 6 nights a week and then she double’s up on it.

As she say’s, ‘You’re already in the kitchen cooking, so you might as well just throw some more food in the pan and cook for tomorrow as well.'

So plan your meals ahead of time and batch them so you can use that time instead to spend with your family, get a workout in or work on those business tasks that will dial the needle closer to your goals.

Biggest Take Away: Be intentional with your time and plan your meals ahead of time so you don’t have to waste precious hours in the kitchen cooking and instead spend that time on taking care of yourself, your family or your business.

Work Life Balance Tips – In Closing

OMG…these work-life balance tips are just phenomenal and I’m so grateful I was able to get some of my besties that are crushing it in business and family life to come out and share their best tips with you all.

I hope you got tons of value and took some good notes so you can go out and get them implemented in your life.

And to recap…stop focusing on the busy work.

Focus on the ONE big thing that if you do each and every single day will take you closer to your goals.

And remember, as overachievers, we are always thinking BIG and so balance will always feel like a challenge for us.

But it’s all in our head and in how we perceive having this work-life balance.

We all have the same amount of time but it’s all about how efficient we are with that time and where we spend it that helps us achieve that work-life balance we want to have.

And make sure you download this week’s freebie that will help you even more with being productive while having that family work-life balance. I’m giving you My Time Management Map that will show you how to get everything done AND still have a family life that rocks!

You can download it by clicking on the yellow button below 👇

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If you’re trying to get a more solid routine down that you can follow to create more of that work life balance you crave… this is a great book to read.

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Did you get some value from these work-life balance tips?

I hope you did because each week I put my heart into making sure you get some amazing work-life balance so you can rock it in your business while creating a life you love.

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