Facebook Recruiting Tips – 5 Prospecting & Recruiting Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid

In this Episode, I share my best Facebook recruiting tips to help you avoid making the mistakes that prevent most network marketers from having success on social media.

Want to know the quickest way to lose or annoy your friends on Facebook or Social Media when using it for business?

Do it all wrong!

Marketing your business, service or product on social media can be so powerful.

But the secret lies in doing it RIGHT.

I see so many Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers making the same mistakes that I used to make…

Until one day…I said, ‘Enough!’

I changed my social media strategy and I started to see RESULTS almost immediately.

In this episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I’m going to share with you the Top 5 Facebook and Social Media Mistakes I see most Entrepreneurs and Network marketers make so that you can avoid these mistakes and start getting RESULTS today.

Facebook Recruiting Tips – 5 Prospecting & Recruiting Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid – Episode 97

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If you’re reading this blog post, then it’s probably because you want to see results in your business from using social media.

And if you avoid making the mistakes that I’m going to share with you then you’ll start attracting people to you wanting to know more about your business, products or services.

If you’ve been making these mistakes then don’t worry…people probably think you’re weird and annoying but not for much longer.

Moving forward you can stop doing your Facebook recruiting all wrong and start seeing results just like I did a couple of years ago with these Facebook recruiting tips.

I’ve been able to build a 7-figure income business from using social media.

I’m living proof that when done right, YOU can have amazing results.

💠So here are the top 5 mistakes I see most network marketers make:

Facebook Recruiting Mistake #1 – Using your company or product name

Don’t splatter your company or product name all over the place…the moment you do you lose control of your marketing process.

As soon as you mention the name of your company or products people can do a Google search and get lost in the myriad of information and possibly negative info on your company or products.

If you want more details on why using your company or products name is a bad idea then head on over to Episode 57 where I give you all the juicy details.

Continue to episode here – Episode 57

Facebook Recruiting Mistake #2 – Spend too much time in small talk

When you’re on social media you want to move fast and get to the point.

This isn’t harsh or mean…as a matter of fact, if you do it right, people will respect you more if you get to the point instead of spending tons of time in small talk with them just to later start talking business with them.

I see people spending weeks or months building ‘relationships’ with people through messenger or chat and then suddenly do a business switch on them and that comes across as really unauthentic and drives people away.

💠So here’s what you want to do instead:

Send them a quick personal and friendly message and then on the second message let them know why you’re reaching out to them.

This way they don’t think you were just buttering them up to lead into business.

Facebook Recruiting Mistake #3 – No good call to action

A call to action is when you let people know what to do and how to take the next step with you.

So make sure you put a call to action on your posts, videos and anything you add on social media.

Whether it’s to opt-in, message you or drop a comment, let them know how to take the next step.

Otherwise, they just won’t know what to do with your content.

Facebook Recruiting Mistake #4 – Sending links or too much information

Here’s the thing…

I never share any information about my business or products unless I have a confirmed follow-up time to circle back around and answer any questions they might have about my business or products.

If you’re just putting people into your Facebook group or sending them links, you’ll end up chasing them around asking if they’ve had a chance to go through the information.

💠And that is a big mistake.

You want to stay in control of your marketing process and first get a confirmed time to follow up before sending anyone any links or information.

Facebook Recruiting Mistake #5 – Not having enough conversations

You need to have a lot of conversations happening when using social media.

Plain and simple.

When you’re in Network Marketing it’s all about the numbers and you need to have a lot of conversations to get to the people who will buy your products or join your business.

Have a goal as to how many people you’ll be connecting with every day and make sure you commit to that on a daily basis.

Facebook Recruiting Tips – In Closing

Using social media is POWERFUL and can help you grow a wildly successful business.

But only…if used properly.

Which is why I created a step-by-step training blueprint that shows you exactly how I enroll 2-5 new teammates every week into my network marketing business using social media.

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Did you get some value from these Facebook recruiting tips?

I hope you did because each week I put my heart into making sure you get some amazing Facebook recruiting tips and strategies to rock it in your business while creating a life you love.

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