Is Blogging Dead? 5 Reasons Your Brand & Business Need a Blog & Website To Stay Alive In Today’s Business Environment

Is blogging dead?  Probably something you hear all the time, right?!

I know I do, but the interesting thing to me is that the people saying this are the people trying to sell you their ‘next new’ gimmicky strategy with empty promises to help grow your business.

And then, you turn around and you see that these people have a website and they’re touting that they’re dead…. It’s an interesting world that we live in.

I’ve been posting high value content on my blog since 2012 and each week, I sit down and do the work… why?

#1 – I love talking ALL things marketing and business
#2 – This strategy consistently generates millions of dollars in revenue each year for my brand….

… so those people touting that ‘Blogging is dead’ have no idea what they’re talking about.

In this week’s episode on the ‘Wired To Crush It’ show, I talk about 5 Reasons Your Brand & Business Need a Blog & Website To Stay Alive In Today’s Marketing Environment.

Is Blogging Dead? 5 Reasons Your Brand & Business Need a Blog & Website To Stay Alive In Today’s Business Environment – Episode 284

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Is Blogging Dead? Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Here are the minute marks that cover highlights in the episode you do not want to miss:

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  • (4:35) Where most people post their content and why they shouldn’t be posting there
  • (7:24) What happens when the social media platform you’re focusing on fades out?… MySpace anyone?

Is blogging dead? definitely not… but there sure are social media platforms that are.

  • (9:43) The #1 residual lead strategy for my business… aka Never ending leads!

Make sure to listen to this because you'll want to know how to start a blog and make money.

  • (14:03) How to get people to like and trust you FAST, even if you’re brand new in business.

If you've ever asked yourself “should I start a blog?” this is something you'll want to listen to.

  • (15:42) How to create content that never dies or goes to newsfeed heaven.

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This is a topic I’m very passionate about because of all the success it’s contributed to the brand.

Not only have I created all the results I talk about in the show, but by having this infrastructure set up for my business, I’ve been:

  • Asked to speak on stages all across the country
  • Asked to be on Podcasts
  • Featured in published books
  • Given discounts and free stays at hotels around the world
  • Treated to complimentary meals at restaurants.
  • Treated to complimentary spa visits

Starting a website and blog has been such a HUGE success to the brand for so many reasons.

Join me on my LIVE upcoming Masterclass so I can show you more on exactly HOW I’ve been able to start and manage this strategy.

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