My Attraction Marketing Secrets – The #1 Thing You Need To Know To Sell Without Being Pushy

In this episode I share my best attraction marketing secrets that will help you attract your perfect clients and customers.

Have you ever felt too salesy or weird trying to sell your products or services?

I’ll tell you a little secret- I have!

I hated feeling like I had to PITCH my products to make a sale.

That’s why I turned to attraction marketing and learned how to lead with VALUE instead of my products…

The result?— People started asking me about my products and business instead of me having to ask them to buy.

AND… I’m a top recruiter in my business and I’ve gone on to create a multi 7 figure business by doing this.

ALL without coming across as pushy or weird to my peeps!

This is something that I’ve been now doing in my business for over 10 years…

So in this Episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I want to share with you the #1 single most important thing that you need in your business to attract perfect clients and prospects.

My Attraction Marketing Secrets – The #1 Thing You Need To Know To Sell Without Being Pushy – Episode 223

My 6 Step Prospecting & Recruiting Process

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My Attraction Marketing Secrets To Getting New Customers

I have been doing sales for a long time and using Attraction Marketing has been a game changer.

When I began to do this, I learned how to lead with value.

This made me feel a lot better, because I felt that I had earned somebody’s business.

It made me more professional, and the result has been people coming to me on a daily basis asking me to tell them more about my business, instead of me asking if they’re interested.

Today, I’m going to show you steps on how to do this strategy effectively, and the single most important way to attract customers by giving away freebies.

Attraction marketing secrets – Give away freebies

If you follow me, you know that I always have a freebie ready for you to download.

A freebie is a free value giveaway, and it does so many things for your business.

It’s the single most important thing that you need to start somebody down the customer journey with you.

✓If you wanna create automation, leverage, and credibility, you can give away freebies.

✓If you want to build authority and get them to buy faster, a freebie can get that done for you.

But a freebie is not just that- it’s that and so much more!

It’s really important to learn how to create a freebie to serve your business goals.

Attraction marketing secrets – Freebies allow customers to continue the journey with you

Freebies allow your viewer to keep going down the potential sales road with you.

So when they see your content on social media where you have a call to action, it allows them to continue the journey with you and warm up to you more.

Attraction marketing secrets – Build your credibility

Because you created the freebie and you put the information together, they now view you as a credible resource.

This builds your authority because you’re sharing valuable information with them.

Attraction marketing secrets – The law of reciprocity

When somebody feels they got value from you, they immediately feel indebted to you.

They think about what they can do for you because you gave them something of value to them first.

So you can see here how that helps the sales process for you if you have value to offer them first.

Attraction marketing secrets – Date before you getting married

You have to be really good at sales to be able to sell something to a stranger immediately.

Most often, you have to build a relationship with somebody before they trust you enough to spend their money with you.

Freebies allow you to warm up the relationship so eventually they make a commitment to buy from you.

Attraction marketing secrets – Filter your perfect prospects

Freebies weed out the people who are not interested in what you are selling.

Only the people who are interested in continuing the journey are going to request access to the freebie.

Those are the people who are your perfect prospects and who are not going to waste your time.

Final Thoughts

Leading with value is the key to attracting the perfect teammate or customer.

And creating a freebie is the perfect way to lead with value.

Now that you know how important freebies are and how they can help you attract customers and increase your sales, it’s time to get the ball rolling and apply it to your business.

If you want to learn more about creating freebies that are perfect for your business, I want to invite you to a free web class coming up where I’m talking all things social media and I’ll be revealing My 6 Step Prospecting & Recruiting Process that I personally use in my business that has created a ton of really great results.

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My 6 Step Prospecting & Recruiting Process

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Did you get some value from these attraction marketing secrets?

I hope you did because each week I put my heart into making sure you get some amazing attraction marketing secrets so you can rock it in your business while creating a life you love.

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