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My Scarcity To Abundance Mindset Shift (BROKE to Millionaire)

Do you have an abundance mindset? Is money something you view as evil or as a tool you can use to do amazing things with?

Seriously… what’s the first thing that you feel and think of when you think of money?

Have you ever noticed that the people that view money as evil or bad, typically don’t have alot of it?

I used to be one of those people and I was very BROKE.

I grew up in a VERY frugal household and we didn’t talk about money.

So I didn’t grow up to have a great relationship with money.

But that changed over time and I was able to go from broke to having a multi-million dollar business after I changed my mindset around money.

In this episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I’m going to share with you the 3 things I did that helped me:

🔥 Change my views around money
🔥 Create an abundance mentality around money
🔥 Create a better relationship with money

Basically…everything I did to help me go from Broke to earning 7-Figures.

So let’s dive right in!

My Scarcity To Abundance Mindset Shift (BROKE to Millionaire)
– Episode 241

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This training was birthed after I received a comment from one of my members in my Build like A Boss Facebook group.

You can take a look at what she posted right here:

Build Like A Boss Group Facebook group members comment

This member’s comment got me thinking about my journey in changing my relationship with money.

It’s been quite the journey.

I don’t know about you but I had A LOT of work I needed to do to change my mindset around money.

A LOT of work.

It starts by making the decision to change your relationship with money

Yep, it can all change by just making the decision that you WANT to change your mindset and relationship around money.

Because you want to attract more of it right? Yea! We all do and no one should be broke.

There’s so much good in this world that you can do with money.

But without it, your strapped and probably stressed out like crazy.

And you know, there’s always that pivotal moment in life where people decide they need to do something about money (or lack of) and how they view it.

For me, my pain point was that I just got sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck.

I was DONE with that painful cycle.

So I started to look at the people around me or that I was following online that were living the life that I wanted to live.

I noticed a common theme amongst all of them.

They weren’t scared or ashamed to talk about money. It was a freely discussed topic.

This was very uncomfortable for me because I came from an upbringing where you never talked or asked questions around money.

It was kind of a taboo topic.

But in 2014 that all changed.

I wanted to launch a product and I hired a business coach to help me with the launch.

I remember the 1st thing he made me do was set some monetary goals around the amount of money I wanted to bring in from my launch.

He made me create 3 levels of goals around money.

🎯 Goal #1 – ‘This would be nice goal’ – this is the goal that would be nice for you but isn’t super duper scary to achieve.

🎯 Goal #2 – ‘This is amazing goal’ – this goal is pretty amazing and starts to go outside your comfort zone.

🎯 Goal #3 – ‘Holy Shit goal’ – this is the one that would make you scream ‘holy shit!’ LOL

Talking about money and sharing these goals with other people made me feel soooooo uncomfortable.

Today, however, I talk about money very freely.

But this is all because of the mental work I did around money and my relationship to it.

So you’re probably wondering, how and why do you do to change your mindset around money?

As always, I gotchu!

I’m now going to share with you the 3 things I did that helped me:

🔥Change my views around money
🔥Create an abundance mentality around money
🔥Create a better relationship with money

Basically…everything I did to help me go from Broke to 7-Figures.

Let’s dive right in and start with the mindset steps first…

Abundance Mindset Idea #1 – Retrain Your Mind

I retrained my mind to think of money in a positive way by looking at it as a tool that will amplify your true personality.

So basically, if you’re a good person you’ll be able to do more good.

On the flip side, if you’re a crappy ol’ human, then money will allow you to do more crappy things in this world.

So money in and of itself is just a tool that will bring out more of who you really are.

Abundance Mindset Idea #2 – Give More Value

The amount of money in your bank account usually reflects the amount of value that you have been able to offer into the marketplace.

This holds true, especially in the entrepreneur world.

If you’re giving away a lot of value and giving away a lot of good into the marketplace, then that’s deserving of the money going into your bank account.

Abundance Mindset Idea #3 – Shape Your Thoughts For A Positive Outlook

This one struck a chord with me and it’s how I changed my stinking thinking around money.

I said to myself, ’If I think of money negatively I’m going to be repelling it away.

Therefore, since I don’t want to be broke, I need to start thinking about money in a positive way.’

And I started to re-frame the way I spoke and thought about money.

Okay, so those are the 3 mindset shifts that I made in order to change my relationship with money.

Now let’s dive right into the actions steps I took to get me closer to my financial goals and change my relationship with money.

Abundance Mindset Action Step #1 – Positive Morning Affirmations

You’ll see this in my 7-Figure Morning Routine that you can download with this episode.

Every morning, I read out my positive affirmations.

Without a doubt, these have been a game-changer for me when it comes to how I view money.

Abundance Mindset Action Step #2 – Draw Out Monetary Goals

This stems from that very first coaching session I ever did with a coach.

Every quarter and every year, I draw out my monetary goals.

If you have a business, you should be writing down your monetary goals and sharing them with other people.

Abundance Mindset Action Step #3 – Write Out The Good That You Can Do With The Money

I sat down and wrote out 3-5 things that I know other people or myself have done with their money that has provided a very positive outcome.

Those are the 3 action steps I took that helped me immensely in changing my relationship with money and allowing for an abundance mindset to set in.

In Closing

Always remember that how you view money and the relationship you have with it will dictate how much you have in your bank account.

And at any point, you can change your mindset around money, but it starts with deciding to do so.

It will require you to change your thinking and also some of your habits.

The best place to start is with your morning routine.

Your mind and habits are easier to change and re-wire first thing in the morning.

To help you do this, I’m taking you inside My 7-Figure Morning Routine.

It’s a downloadable guide called My Miracle Morning Routine and inside of it I show you the exact steps of everything I do in the mornings that sets me up for success in my mind, body, and business.

You can download it right away by clicking on the yellow button below👇

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