Network Marketing Success – Go From Playing Small To Becoming A Top Earner Fast

In this episode, I share my best network marketing success tips to help you move away from playing small to becoming a top income earner so you finally start experiencing success in your life.

Are you fed up with the lack of results in your business and know you need to do something about it FAST?

Over the years, I've studied many top earners and successful entrepreneurs and I noticed they all have certain qualities and ways of doing things that set them apart from the ordinary folks who clock in and out every day, never looking to get ahead.

When I began to apply these qualities and ways of thinking to my life, I was able to bring about BIG changes in my business and personal life.

So, if you’re sick of spinning your wheels and ready to make some BIG changes, then this Episode of Tanya Aliza TV is for you!

In this episode, I’ll be sharing some network marketing success training that will help you move away from playing small to thinking like a top earner and finally start experiencing success in your life.

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Network Marketing Success – Go From Playing Small To Becoming A Top Earner Fast – Episode 89

With every Episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I like to empower you with a POWERFUL free resource that you can implement rightNetwork Marketing Success - Go From Playing Small To Becoming A Top Earner Fast away and create results with fast in your business.

This week, I created a free resource that will help you start thinking like a top income earner.

I went out and researched qualities that Top Income earners have that most people don’t.

I put together 7 Qualities That Separate Top Earners From The Masses and I know it will help you start thinking like one and start playing BIG in your business and life.

Network Marketing Success – It’s not your fault

If you’re stuck in your business, then I want you to know that to some degree it’s not your fault.

Truth is most of us have been conditioned from the moment we start school all the way up to adulthood to become mediocre.

Schools don’t equip us to become forward thinkers and successful entrepreneurs.

So what you may be experiencing in your life and business right now are a by-product of all the beliefs and thought patterns that were passed on to you as you were growing up.

Then as adults, we forge our way into the world trying to create a life that we truly want but have no roadmap or clue as to how to achieve it.

And having your mindset in the right place is REALLY important when growing a business.

Your mindset is the engine of your business.

If your mind doesn’t function like the well-oiled machine that it is, your business won’t be able to reach its full potential.

And you won’t be able to get from where you are to where you want to go.

Network Marketing Success – Eliminate small thinking

If you want to start making some drastic changes the first thing you’ll want to do is to start kicking those old thought patterns to the curb.

If it doesn’t serve you…let it go!

In my years of being an entrepreneur, I’ve studied other successful entrepreneurs carefully and as a result, I’ve found they all share some common threads.

From the very moment they wake up until their head hits the pillow, they have certain routines and ways of thinking that are very different from the rest of the population.

For example, they have very intentional morning routines.

This is something that I learned and modeled and it's responsible for helping me get most of my work done before 12 noon every day.

If you'd like to see my morning routine in action you can head on over to the Episode here: Episode 1

Aside from creating a morning routine for yourself, here are some other qualities that top earners have that can help you shift your way of thinking and bring you closer to reaching the results you want in your life.

Network Marketing Success – Take educated risks

Successful people take risks.

Taking risks will allow you to play big in your life.

So if you’re looking at a course or program right now that you know will help you get closer to where you want to be in your business then just go for it.

Whenever I’ve invested in a course or program that I know will help me grow my business, I’ve made my money back tenfold.

So don’t be afraid to take risks. It’s just part of what successful people do in their everyday lives.

Network Marketing Success – Invest in you

The more valuable you become the more money you will make. End of story.

When you invest in yourself it sends a powerful message to yourself and the world. You are perceived as someone of value and people will want to invest in YOU.

When you’re willing to say yes, and take that leap of faith and invest in yourself, you will reap amazing rewards.

Network Marketing Success – In conclusion

It’s time you start playing BIG.

Life waits for no one and there’s no better time than now to stop playing small. Invest in yourself and immerse yourself in network marketing success training as much a possible.

So if you’re sick and tired of spinning your wheels year after year then you’ll want to download this week’s free resource: 7 Qualities That Separate Top Earners From The Masses. It will help you start thinking like a top income earner and start playing BIG in your business and life.

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Resources Mentioned & More That Will Help Rock Your Biz

The Miracle Morning For Network Marketers (Book) – Learn More Here

This is one of my favorite series of books.

I happen to be featured in this book because of my crazy liking for my miracle morning routine and how it’s totally helped me and my business. If you’re trying to get a more solid routine down that you can follow to create more success in your business… this is a great book to read.

Think & Grow Rich – Book – Learn More Here

This was one of the very first books I ever read that taught me how to train my mind to become successful and to work my way into the top 1%. I read it each year as my New Year ritual and I learn new ways of thought each time that have helped me double my income each year for the past 4 years now.

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint – Learn More Here

This is my signature course when it comes to building an Influential Brand Online that attracts leads and sales for your business. Top Earner Status can be reached fast when you set yourself up properly in your business.

The B-L.A.B. – Come Join Us Here

AKA Build Like A Boss, The B-LAB is Tanya Aliza’s FREE Facebook Mastermind group full of awesome Networkers and Entrepreneurs that are all on a mission to grow their businesses Faster and easier with Online Strategies for prospecting, recruiting and sales. We do themed days of the week, we hold each other accountable and we lift each other up! Come introduce yourself and your business.

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