How To Get Duplication In Network Marketing When Building On Social Media

Duplication in Network Marketing is key to creating the freedom and lifestyle that you want in your business and life.

But, since I build my business all online using Social Media I get asked this question all the time; ‘Tanya If I start building my network marketing business online through marketing funnels or social media, is it possible for me to get fast team duplication?

The answer is a definite yes!

And that’s what this Episode of Tanya Aliza TV is all about.

I’m going to share with you exactly what I do with my new teammates, even though I build my business all online through social media… But still get great duplication and success with my people.

How To Get Duplication In Network Marketing When Building On Social Media – Episode 144

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In Network Marleting people will typically want to do what you’re doing not what you tell them to do.

So if you want your team to duplicate what you’re doing… do what you want them to do.

I know that when somebody joins my team they immediately want to do exactly what I did to enroll them…

But I also know, you can’t compare my chapter 20 with their chapter 1.

So its all in how you manage their expectations from day 1.

Duplication in Network Marketing starts with setting the right expectations

The worst thing you can do when you’re getting a new teammate started is to set them up to fail.

One of the fastest ways to do this is by telling them things like, ‘This business is super easy and you can be a millionaire in less than a year!’

Is it possible to make a million in a year in network marketing?

Yes…But its not typical and you never want to use hype as that won’t get you or your team very far.

If you want to be a a true professional in the network marketing industry you too will want to let your new teammates know that building their business will take resources like time and money.

So make sure you manage their expectations and paint that picture for them so they know what to expect and are setup to win from day 1.

Sharing how you got started can help you get duplication in Network Marketing

Another thing I like to do that helps me get duplication in network marketing is to share with them how I first got started in Network Marketing.

I started by reaching out to my existing list of contacts and I’m a firm believer that everyone should start there.

That’s the fastest way to build belief and a check in what we do in this Industry.

So even though my chapter 20 looks a lot different from my chapter 1…I didn’t start the way I build my business right now.

And that’s why I share with my new teammates how I first got started…this gives them the proper expectation and they can expect to be guided through the many different phases they will go through in their business.

Understanding Passive Prospecting vs Active Prospecting helps you have duplication in Network Marketing

When someone starts building on social media, the long-term goal is to get passive prospecting to work for you in the long run.

What’s passive prospecting?

That’s when people are reaching out to you and asking to learn more about what you do. It’s them reaching out to you instead of you reaching out to them first.

But when your brand new in Network Marketing you’ll be actively prospecting people on social media while your working on having a passive prospecting system in place.

This is what I did and today I have so many people reaching out to me asking about my business or products that I share leads with my team because I don’t have enough hours in my day to get back to everyone.

Definitely a good problem to have 😉

And that’s what I explain to my new teammates so they understand the difference between the two and still be working on active prospecting until the passive kicks in.

Reach duplication in Network Marketing by helping your new teammates with their first 10 people

I also like to help my new teammates with their first 10 people.

Most conversations are now done through Facebook messenger now so I like to hop on a conversation when one of my teammates signs up a new distributor and help them out to show them how to set them up properly.

This is a great way for them to know exactly what I say and how to do the process of getting someone new started properly.

What about duplication in Network Marketing when a teammate has BIG goals?

If I’m working with a teammate that I know has BIG goals then what I’ll do is suggest to do a Business Launch Plan with them.

I recommend you go back to Episode 27 here where I pull back the curtains and I show you how to setup a business launch plan with your teammates and I show you exactly how I do that in Episode 27.

So if that’s something you want to learn how to do with a teammate you know has BIG goals then definitely check out Episode 27 that I’ll leave in the show notes & resources section below.

Duplication in Network Marketing – In Conclusion

So as you can see, if you set the proper expectations with your new teammates, help them get quick results, and then continue to guide them through the many prospecting phases of their business, you’ll get good results with duplication in network marketing.

And we tap into the existing list that a new teammate has when they first get started while building the online presence and funnels to be able to generate the leads that will in time get people reaching out to you and you’ll start to really enjoy the benefits of passive prospecting.

And to help you out even more make sure you download My Getting Started To A Full – Time Residual Income In Network Marketing.. This guide will help you create 6-figure habits in your business and help your team do the same.

And that’s the the power of duplication in network marketing.

You can download it by clicking on the yellow button below.

My Network Marketing Roadmap To A Full-Time Residual Income

Resources Mentioned & More That Will Help Rock Your Biz

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I love sharing Eric Worre’s Go Pro book with my new teammates because it does a great job at pre-conditioning them to the industry and how to make this type of business work. Eric breaks down our business model into 7 simple steps that anyone can follow to hit their goals in this business. It’s also great on conditioning your team on how to treat you as their sponsor and upline leadership.

Book – Get Over Your Damn Self by Romi Neustadt – Learn More Here

The No B.S. Blueprint to building a life changing business. This is one of the best books I’ve read when it comes to learning how to talk to prospects and transition the conversations, naturally, into business. I bought the audio book, listened to it twice, then bought the paperback because I wanted to highlight the scripts she gives… they are THAT good. This is a book that I highly recommend everyone in Network Marketing to get. For the guys… this is a really feminine read, but still highly worth it.

Unlimited Fan Page Profits – Learn More

If you don’t have a Facebook Fan Page yet and you’re looking at all these rock stars with Fan Page and you want one for yourself… Unlimited Fan Page Profits is a training that I put together that will walk you through the steps of building a Profitable Facebook Page and marketing plan to generate leads, build a big audience and make daily sales.

The B-L.A.B. – Come Join Us Here

AKA Build Like A Boss, The B-LAB is Tanya Aliza’s FREE Facebook Mastermind group full of awesome Networkers and Entrepreneurs that are all on a mission to grow their businesses Faster and easier with Online Strategies for prospecting, recruiting and sales. We do themed days of the week, we hold each other accountable and we lift each other up! Come introduce yourself and your business.

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