How To Invite Prospects In Network Marketing – My Scripts & Process So You Never Get Stood Up

Are people standing you up for your Business Presentation? Do they say they are going to be there and then they don’t show up?

Today I am sharing some key strategies on how to invite prospects in Network Marketing to get more people to come to your business presentation and also make sure they're punctual with their appointment times with you.

I’ve been in the Network Marketing profession since 2009 and my husband and I are top recruiters inside our company, so I have obviously made a LOT of appointments with a lot of prospects during that time.

I've had to learn how to invite prospects in Network Marketing to business meetings and I could write a book on all my experiences with this for sure!

Yes, sometime people do stand you up if you don’t set up those presentations properly, but I’m here to help you get stood up less and get more people to actually Show Up to your business presentation or meeting.

If you don’t know how to do this yet, don’t worry. I’m here today to share some things with you that you can do to make sure you set up those presentations properly so you have more people that are excited to make it to the presentation without life getting in the way, or Grandma dying for the 3rd time LOL

How To Invite Prospects In Network Marketing – My Scripts & Process So You Never Get Stood Up – Episode 17

Now, be easy on yourself here. You may not be able to get 100% of the people you invite to every single one of your presentations, but you can increase your ratios if you setup the appointments properly and then do a simple follow up the day of the appointment.

My Tips To Setting Up Successful Appointments

1. Always invite more people than you anticipate showing up

If you want 10 people to show up to your business presentation, you should invite 20 because typically about half show up. Life gets in the way sometimes and there is nothing we can do about it, so invite more than you want to attend.

2. Super Hot Tip: To get more people to come to your business presentation or meeting, ask them to bring something!

During your invite, ask them to bring a bag of chips or bag of ice. There is a psychological trigger when we ask this because when people feel they are needed, they are less likely to back out of that commitment.

3. Get your prospect to admit that they are good at keeping appointments

When you are scheduling your appointment with someone over the phone, there is a super effective script that I use (check out the full script in this week’s Freebie Guide) where I let them know that they must be punctual with their appointment times.

4. Whenever you're doing a business presentation, you want to make the reason that someone is looking at it – all about them – not you

This is super important to learn about your prospects. What is it that has them open to learning more about what it is you are going to share with them? Last week I did a cool training on My Favorite Network Marketing Prospecting Questions, make sure to check it out for more training on what questions to ask.

5. On the day of the appointment, I like to send a quick text to confirm

Now, I know there are a lot of people that are doing this already, but not everyone is doing it the right way.

Most people come from a needy place – “Are we still on for that appointment?” (Insert needy whiny voice)

This gives your prospect the opportunity to say ‘no' (Insert lame excuse from your prospect) and we don’t want them saying no and leaving us with a lame excuse.

So here’s what I do — I either call or text: “Hey John, Tanya here. I assume we are still on, 7 o’clock. I’ll see you tonight.” This is an assumptive confirmation.How to invite in network marketing

For more great tips and to see my exact scripts I use to setup my business appointments, I put together My Business Meeting Process Follow Up & Scripts just for you! This FREE download is the perfect tool to help you get stood up less and get more people to actually Show Up to your business presentation or meeting.

Grab this week’s Free Resource to see exactly how I setup the business presentation appointment time and my follow up process the day of the appointment.

I hope you got a ton of value from this week’s training video and free resource. If you did, please share it with someone so they can hear this message as well. – Click Here To Share

Resources Mentioned & Others That Will Rock Your Business

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Who cares about the people that don’t show up for your meeting when you have so many people coming to you and wanting to join your business?

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Last week's blog post and resources that will help you with making the invite about your prospect so they are more inclined to show up to your meeting.

I'd love to hear your feedback on this post, join the conversation with me below and let me know your thoughts. I appreciate you Rock Star! Lets Rock Your Business this week.


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