How to Ask For the Sale Without Looking Salesy

How many times do we mess up asking for the sale because we're uncomfortable about looking salesy with our people?

I know for me, when I got started in my home business, this was the last thing I wanted my people to view me as. I wanted to look professional but not salesy.

I also wanted the results and I knew I had to start asking for the sale and being more BOLD.

People don't just jump into your business without you asking them to join. This is the #1 reason why most people don't join with you…. They're never asked!

It's kinda like fishing, do the fish just jump into the boat or do you have to catch them?

Weird analogy I know, but you have to remember to ask for the sale if you WANT the sale.

How to Ask For the Sale – Video Training

So what do you say to get your people to join you?

Well, I'm glad you asked because over many many presentations, I feel that I've perfected this and I'm happy to share my secrets with you.

Before I dive into the ‘how to' I want you to understand the psychology of why this works so well.

The people that your exposing your business to are unconsciously testing you.

Whether they know it or not, they're seeing if you're strong enough to lead them to success.

If you understand this, you'll see why being a good presenter and a serious business builder is important.

So if they're unconsciously testing you, you have to be that leader they're looking to join.

Step 1 – Have confidence when you're showing your deal.

Tell them how committed you are and show them that you're serious about going big with your business. Whether they join or not. Let them feel the energy.

Step 2 – Share with them that you can show them exactly what to do.

Most people are hesitant to joining something new if they feel they'll be unsuccessful, so show them that you'll work closely with them.

Step 3 – Ask for the Sale!

Give them the opportunity to join. All I say after my presentation is:

“Awesome share some feedback with me, what did you like best about what you saw?”

“Awesome did you see an opportunity for yourself?”

“Great! Welcome to the team, let's get you started”

By using these questions after the presentation is done, I never feel salesy or pushy.

I'm simply giving them the opportunity to tell me if they see value in what they just saw.

We should never feel salesy if we're sharing something that we absolutely believe in. Something that we truly feel that can change people's lives.

When I talk to people about working with me I truly believe that their lives will be better inside our team. Yes we have an unbelievable product that we offer, but what's more is that we have training and a community that has revolutionize our industry in a big way.

So when I talk about joining, it's not about joining the company, it's about joining me and our team culture that we've created.

I've gathered a great deal of testimonials over the years and based on the stories of all the lives that have been changed I'm more than certain that the people that decided to work with me will be greatly rewarded in many ways.

I encourage you to make a list of all the incredible attributes your team has and think about you're really selling. I'm sure it's more than just your product that you're company offers, you have more than that to offer. You have the success stories, you have the community, team culture, exclusive training etc!

Think about what you love the most about what you're doing and flow from that.

It's not the facts about the company that got you excited, I can bet it was a story that was shared or a vision that was painted.

I hope this helps you the next time you present your business.

If you got value or learned something cool from this post, please let me know in the comments section below. I always love meeting my blog fans and hearing your story. 

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