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MLM Training: Master the Invite with this Script

The goal of this MLM Training post & Video is to help you master the invite process when you’re inviting your prospects to view your opportunity.

If you’re anything like me, this was something that I had to practice and get good at to feel comfortable doing it.

I’ve been through my fair share of mlm trainings and there are many different ways that you can do this but this is the easiest and most duplicatable way that I’ve found and tested.

MLM Training Video: Mastering the Invite Script

So here are the elements that I suggest you have in your invite:

  • Be in a Hurry
  • Show some level of excitement
  • “I’ve got something important you’ll want to see”
  • State the amount of time you need from them
  • Schedule it


MLM training Invite tip: Why be in a Hurry?

Busy people are getting things done! They’re generally the movers and shakers that others are intrigued, curious and attracted too.

More importantly, if you say you only have a quick minute then your call can be quick and you won’t get stuck having to answer questions that come up like: “What is it?”

I’ve been through other mlm training in this area that talks about getting EXCITED!

Here’s my take on ‘Getting Excited':

If you are naturally a ‘Get Excited’ Type person and that’s normal to the people around you…. then Get Excited and show it.

If you’re not naturally a Super crazy exciting person (Kinda like me) then don’t scare your friends by being unnatural.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about showing excitement but doing it in a way that fits your personality!

My excitement is shown by being a little more mellow but still acting like I have something very IMPORTANT to show you!

Point being, you don’t want your friends to think you got into something that has made you weird!

Be human but take your business seriously…. if you do, it can pay you seriously.

MLM Training Invite Caution:

What ever you do do not loose this format.

Don’t talk about what it is and don’t let your prospect take control of your marketing process.

At any point where you feel this starting to happen and your prospect starts asking too many questions just say

“like I said, I only have a quick minute right now, but I can go over the details when we meet at 7pm”

If they still press you to answer too many questions use a ‘TAKE AWAY’

Here’s what a Take Away looks like:

“Hey Joe, sounds like we might not be able to make this work today. No worries, I’ll try to catch up with you in a few days. Have an awesome day”

I call this a Take Away because we’ve taken the opportunity OFF the table for them at that moment and we have maintained control of our process.

Just think about the position this leaves your prospect in. They’re probably gonna go to bed that night and wonder what the heck they missed out on.

Now when you call them back to reschedule in a few days, they’re probably going to just schedule a time with you because they want to know what’s up.

BOOM! Super simple right?

I’ve got a whole bunch of great MLM Training Tips here on my Blog so navigate around and feel free to use the search bar on the right if there is any training in particular that you’re looking for.

Is there any good Invite Scripts that you know of or have been working well with you? Join the conversation below and share. Also share if you simply loved the training post today!

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