5 Network Marketing Prospecting Tips So You Never Run Out of Good People To Talk To

In this training, I’m going to share my 5 network marketing prospecting tips to help you find good quality people to talk to about your business, products or services.

So you started your business, you talked to all of the people that you know and now you’ve run out of people to talk to…Who do you talk to now? What do you do?

In this episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I'm going to share with you my five-step strategy so you never run out of good high quality people to talk to about your product, service, or business.

This is going to be a very powerful training so make sure to share with your team.

5 Network Marketing Prospecting Tips So You Never Run Out of Good People To Talk To – Episode 190

Network Marketing Training - How To Transition A Conversation To Business When Talking To Prospects

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Today, since we're talking about network marketing prospecting tips and building your list… I’m giving you My Inviting, Presenting & Closing Like A Boss Scriptbook so you know exactly what to say to get people interested in your business, service or products.

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We all know that talking to the people that are on our immediate list when you start your business is a really great way to get some sales and momentum going.

However, that's typically NOT where the big business is going to happen.

And the reality is that most people that get into network marketing don't know this and then they get discouraged if their immediate warm market doesn't take massive action in the business or create multiple millions in product orders.

Network Marketing Prospecting Tips – The problem with the industry of Network Marketing

I believe that the problem with network marketing is that it’s NOT always sold correctly.

However, if more people took their business seriously, they would discover the incredible opportunity that's in their hands.

But it's incredibly powerful for those who work towards becoming professional network marketers.

If your goal is to be a professional in this industry… you have to do two things:

  • Consistently do your money making activities
  • Take massive action every single day

Well, maybe not on Sundays 😉

And remember… this process is simple but not always easy.

If you come into it with that mindset, you won’t be shaken because you’ll expect that some days will be hard and you’ll be okay.

So now I want to share with you my 5 tips and strategy so that always have a nice long list of people to talk to.

And if you get consistent with this five-step process, take massive action of course, I promise you you will see results.

Network Marketing Prospecting Tips #1 – You have to have a list

If you’re a network marketer, you have to have a list.

Now, I will be honest, I didn't have a list for the first year and a half in my business.

And guess what else I didn't have? RESULTS.

So I finally decided I would take my list out of my head and started a real list.

And yes, I mean a physical list.

I doesn’t matter if it's in your Evernote, a journal or a piece of paper or a spreadsheet.

Whatever works for you but you have to have that list.

So make a commitment to start that list if you don't already have one.

Network Marketing Prospecting Tips #2 – Start five conversations a day

I want you to start five conversations a day.

You can start them on Social Media, or with your neighbour or at the grocery store…doesn’t matter how just that you start five new conversations each day.

What do you say to these 5 people?

Ask them how they're doing. Ask them what's new. Tell them that you liked their posts.

PRO TIP: Compliments go a long way.

Find genuine ways to compliment people on the things they have going on.

It can be as simple as their Social Media posts, their hairdo, their shoes, their belt, their watch.

So remember…5 people a day. That is your goal.

Network Marketing Prospecting Tips #3 – Know where to create these connections

You’ve got to know where to go to actually start having conversations with people.

My top three places on social media are Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

And then obviously your local areas where you’re belly to belly with people.

So if I'm out and about doing errands and I find someone that gives me excellent customer service, you better believe that I'm going to ask them if they keep their options open.

And one place might get you better results when your prospecting than the other.

For example, if your target audience, your best customers, or business builders are not on Instagram yet, you might not want to spend a lot of time there.

You might decide to maybe do that on Facebook or somewhere else that you know that your target audience hangs out.

But you have to have a plan of two to three places that you go to every day and you're going to start those conversations.

Network Marketing Prospecting Tips #4 – Set a goal to do 2 presentations every day

You want you to set a goal for yourself to do two presentations a day.

It could be a product or a business presentation…doesn’t matter.

Make it a non-negotiable goal to do two presentations with those people that you're starting conversations with and adding to your list.

Network Marketing Prospecting Tips #5 – You have to follow up and ask for the sale

The number one reason why people don’t join network marketing is because people are never asked.

If you don't ask somebody to join, they won't join.

They won't even know that there's an opportunity for them to join. So you have to be following up and asking if they're ready to get started.

So with those two presentations a day, I would definitely make it a goal to make sure that you follow up and ask for the sale two times a day to go along with that activity.

Network Marketing Prospecting Tips – In Closing

And remember there is going to be some learning and some trial and error when implementing these 5 strategies.

Just like anything you start that’s new to you…there’s always that learning curve and you can't build an empire overnight.

It takes some time and more than time it takes that determination.

But to make this easier for you make sure you download My Inviting, Presenting & Closing Like A Boss Scriptbook.

It will guide you and show you exactly what to say when you’re inviting, presenting and closing your prospects.

You can download it by clicking on the yellow button below 👇

Network Marketing Training - How To Transition A Conversation To Business When Talking To Prospects

Check out the resources in the show notes below for even more amazing resources that go with this episode.

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Beyond Objections – Learn More

In this powerful 77 min Audio training and downloadable Cheat Sheet you will be equipped to handle any objection or question that your prospect gives you after you share your business with them.

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