Network Marketing Training – How To Educate Prospects vs Convincing Them To Join Your Business

In this network marketing training, I share how to stop convincing and start educating your prospects so they’re more likely to join you in your business.

Have you ever noticed that the people that have been ‘talked into’ or convinced to buy or join network marketing do absolutely nothing or quit?

This is true for everything.

I’ve found that if you learn how to EDUCATE people properly rather than using convincing language…you can inspire your prospects to get excited to join you and absolutely crush it inside of your team.

And in this episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I’m going to show you exactly how to educate your prospects instead of convincing them so they join your business and stick around for the long run.

Network Marketing Training – How To Educate Prospects vs Convincing Them To Join Your Business – Episode 139

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With every Episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I like to empower you with a POWERFUL free resource that you can implement right away and create results with fast in your business.

And today since we’re talking about how to educate your prospects properly, I’ve put together a script guide called How To Properly Educate Your Prospects On Network Marketing – Scripts & Resources for you that showcases my process on how I do this.

Here’s the deal…

People need to make their own decisions or at least think they’re making their own decisions before they take any action.

Network Marketing Training – The Law of Commitment & Consistency

There’s a human law called ‘Commitment and Consistency‘ and if you’ve ever read the book called The Psychology Of Influence by Robert Cialdini you’ll learn about this law and the many other laws that influence people to take action.

So basically what this law says is that if someone says they’re going to do something and it’s their own idea and decision they are more likely to stay consistent and committed to it than if its someone else idea or someone makes a decision for them.

If you want to learn more about this the book is a must read if you’re in network marketing. I’ll leave a link to it in the resources section below so you can add it to your reading list.

But the question is how do you inspire and educate people to do this when you’re presenting your products or services to them?

How do you inspire and educate people to do this when you’re presenting your products or services?

You have to Educate them and Share Stories to help people make this decision for themselves and then you have to ask the right closing questions.

That’s my formula in a nutshell and I’m going to show you exactly how to do this.

Network Marketing Training – Educate, share stories & ask the right questions

Let’s say you’ve been talking to a prospect and they watch your presentation and you’ve asked them all the closing questions you would normally ask like:

✓What did you like best about what you saw?

✓Do you see an opportunity for yourself here?

✓Is there anything else you need to know before we get you started?

With some prospects, this might be all you need and they’ll get started with you right on the spot.

And that’s awesome…

But most people will have questions or you might need to educate them or ask some more qualifying questions.

Unfortunately, we are not taught network marketing in schools or any valuable business education for that matter.

So some of your prospects are going to need some educating before they join you.

So for these type of prospects, I’ll share with you some examples of scripts and techniques I use that works so well.

Network Marketing Training – If they don’t get started use these scripts

So once you ask the closing question: “Is there anything else you need to know before we get you started?”

If you sense any hesitation, or they ask any weird questions about network marketing and how credible it is… you can go into education and story mode

You might ask something like: “Are you familiar with the network marketing profession?”

Most people if they’re not familiar with Network Marketing will likely say no or I’ve heard a little bit about it but they don’t know too many details.

Network Marketing Training – Share a relatable personal story

So at that point, I’m going to actually relate to them because I have a story they can relate to when I got started in Network Marketing.

I typically say: “When I was first introduced to this profession, I had no idea that it existed or what people were able to do with it.”

This helps them relate to me and puts us on the same playing field.

If you have a personal story that they can relate to share it with them..

Network Marketing Training – Share a relatable 3-rd party story

If you don’t have your own personal story to share then you want to share a 3-rd party story.

I talk a lot about sharing 3-rd party stories in my trainings but if you don’t know how to articulate your story or someone else story you’ll want to check out the resources section below where I share some resources and training that will help you with this.

So after you share your story, you want to ask a closing question.

This is really important.

Make sure you don’t just sit there and say nothing else after sharing a story…you have to move your prospects to the next step.

Network Marketing Training – Ask closing questions

Next closing question can be something like this, “So you can probably see that this is an incredible opportunity right?”

And from there you can circle back around and say, “Is there anything else you need to know before we get you started?”

Now if you feel you need to ask some qualifying questions, you can ask questions like these:

“If we were to partner together, about how much money would you like to earn with this side project?”

Once they give you an answer you can ask:

“About how many hours a week do you have to spare to work on this side project?”

This helps them paint a picture in their mind of how this could actually work for them.

And then I go straight for the close and say to them:

“I can show you how to do this, and we can have some fun working together and help people along the way… is there anything else you need to know before we get you rocking and rolling?”

At this point, your prospect should be ready to get started if they truly see an opportunity for themselves.

However…you’re going to run across some people that need more information or just don’t get started right away…this is totally normal.

Network Marketing Training – Educate your prospects

And for prospects that don’t get started right away, I like to leave them with some additional resources that will educate them on the potential of the Network Marketing Industry.

There are several resources that do a really great job of this so you’re not the one doing the explaining and this way your prospects make up their own mind about joining your business.

I’ve added the resources I recommend the most in the resources section below.

And if you want to get really good at educating, sharing stories and closing your prospects make sure you download my script guide called How To Properly Educate Your Prospects On Network Marketing so you’re closing more prospects without having to convince them on network marketing.

Download the guide by clicking on the yellow button below:

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Resources Mentioned & More That Will Help Rock Your Biz

How To Tell Your Story So Prospects Listen Up & Get Excited – Learn More Here 

How I Use 3-rd Part Stories To Crush Sales Objections & Sign More Business – Learn More Here 

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint – Learn More Here 

This is my signature course when it comes to building an Influential Brand Online that attracts leads and sales for your business.

The Network Revolution (Book) – Learn More Here 

This book was co-authored by my good friend and Lady Boss, Jessica Higdon. I not only love cause I’m in it (wink wink) but because it show cases many success stories from everyday people that have created amazing results in Network Marketing. I have multiple copies of this book on hand to share with my prospects as an amazing recruiting tool. I suggest you order a few copies too!

Rise Documentary – Learn More Here

This is a documentary created by Eric Worre that will educate your prospects on Network Marketing as an industry and also the potential it has to change your life. It will forever change the way your prospects see the industry as a whole.

Influence (Book) – Learn More 

Have you ever wondered how some people just have that ‘Magic’ over others? They can go up and talk to people easier, they can command attention and lead people into buying decisions easier…. how do they do it?

Is it just a gift? Nope… it has everything to do with understanding how people operate and how to INFLUENCE them. This is one of my favorite books and if you’re in a position where you collect decisions from people (sales) this is a MUST read!

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