Attract Better Customers & Clients – STOP Confusing Your Audience

If you want to attract better customers, then you want to make sure your audience knows exactly what you stand for and how you can help them.

If they don’t  (or you don’t) not only are you going to confuse your people but you’re also not going to attract and keep the right people in your world.

When you’re building your brand and business online, you know that this is not good.

So, how do you declare the change that you want to make in their life, so they stick around and attach themselves to your content, your message and to your suggestions when you recommend your products and services?

Today, I want to share with you a simple formula that can help you do this.

Let's dive in.

Attract Better Customers & Clients – STOP Confusing Your Audience – Episode 264

Attract Better Customers & Clients - STOP Confusing Your Audience

With every episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I like to equip you with a POWERFUL free resource that goes with the episode which you can implement right away to create some of the same results, if not better, in your entrepreneurial ventures. Your Mission Statement Worksheet

Since I’m going to show you the formula to creating your Client Centric Mission, what I’m going to do is give you a worksheet called ‘Your Mission Statement Worksheet’

After you complete the worksheet, you’ll be able to clearly define your Client Centric Mission.

You can download this worksheet absolutely FREE by clicking the yellow button above👆

Attract Better Customers & Clients – STOP Confusing Your Audience

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know that I’ve taken a bit of time off of delivering weekly content.

This isn’t because I wanted to, but because we had to.

I recently invested in a high level mastermind that focuses on scaling up my business.

We wanted to make sure that our internal business systems were dialed in if we wanted to scale up the business.

As my favorite saying goes “What got you here, won’t get you there.”

What we needed to do was look at everything that we were currently doing to refine and shape some processes.

One process that I really wish we would have done, even when we were a $0 revenue per year business, was really defining what I stood for and who I wanted to attract in my business.

The concept of ‘Declaring the change you want to make’ is something I learned in this mastermind.

After establishing my Client Centric Mission, my brand started to form clarity like it’s never had before.

You can adapt this in your business and have that full clarity sooner than I did.

It helped me understand what my soul focused goal was, and it provided my audience extreme clarity on how I can help them.

The big word I want you to get out of this today is CLARITY.

This activity, when implemented into your business, is the glue that will have your people stick around you, around your campfire, and around your brand – for life.

Before you fill in your Client Centric Mission like how I filled in mine, I want to give credit where credit’s due.

This is an activity that I received out of the high-level mastermind that I went through with the Charfen Group.

I highly recommend that you go through the same program as well if you’re looking to scale up as a business.

You’ll see the details of Alex Charfen’s program in the resources below.

How I Attract Better Customers & Clients – “We Want to Help…”

The first question is “We want to help________.”

Think about who you are showing up for and who is perfect for your products and services.

Here is mine as an example:

“We want to help burnt out, overwhelmed, but motivated Entrepreneurs, Course Creators & Online Influencers.”

I am very specific on who my content is for and who my programs are going to be best suited for.

How I Attract Better Customers & Clients – “We Will Help Them By…”

The second question is “We will help them by ________.”

This specifically answers how you are going to help your audience.

Here is mine as an example:

“We will help them by showing them how to create an online business and brand that consistently attracts an engaged audience of qualified buyers through a high converting marketing funnel and proven video marketing strategies.”

This will dictate the topics and content I’m going to be talking about with my audience so they know that if they are in need of strategies related to those things – that’s my jam and they can come to me to get information on that kind of stuff!

How I Attract Better Customers & Clients – “The Change We Want to Make Is…”

The third question is, “The change we want to make is_______.”

Here is mine as an example:

“The change we want to make is empowering our tribe with the knowledge and skills to create a thriving consistent online business that supports their dream lifestyle.”

How I Attract Better Customers & Clients – “We Will Know We Are Successful When…”

The fourth and final question is, “We will know we are successful when_____.”

Here is mine as an example:

“We will know we are successful when each month we are enrolling 250 new students into our main program per month and we have 2500 students that generate 1000+ leads with their marketing funnel.”

This last one is very important.

It has to be specific and measurable. You know that when you hit those, you have become successful as a brand.

Make them achievable. Make them realistic.

The reason why you don’t want to make them unachievable is because it can frustrate you and deflate yourself and your team if you can never hit those results.

So, take a minute to download that worksheet and fill it out.

I sat with mine for a little bit until I got to the point where I could say “Yes. This is EXACTLY what we stand for. This is exactly who we serve… and YES, this feels good.”

Hopefully my examples can spike some thoughts in your mind on how you can fill out your Client Centric Mission worksheet.

In Closing

Okay so I hope this episode has added value to you.

Hopefully, this worksheet can help you gain clarity on what you stand for as a brand and business.

Remember, it really starts with identifying who you serve, how you can serve them, what changes you want to make, and how you can measure your results / success.

You can form clarity in your business and brand.

Again, don’t forget to download and accomplish the ‘Your Mission Statement Worksheet’

After you complete the worksheet, you’ll be able to clearly complete and define your Client Centric Mission so you can serve and keep your audience for life.

You can download this worksheet by clicking on the yellow button below 👇

Attract Better Customers & Clients - STOP Confusing Your Audience

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Charfen System – Learn More Here

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Did you get some value from this strategy?

I hope you did because I put my heart into making sure you get good training on how you can clearly define your Client Centric Mission.

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Attract Better Customers & Clients – STOP Confusing Your Audience

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