Free Affiliate Marketing Website Using (Make More Money)

Have you heard of a cool affiliate marketing website called

No? Then you’re definitely missing out! is an awesome free affiliate marketing website that can add a revenue stream to your business..

If you have affiliate products or services that you want to share with your audience, THIS is an absolute MUST in your world.

Stay with me throughout this episode as I show you how I use this tool in my world (I even include great examples!)

Whether you’re a business owner or an influencer – this is a tool you NEED.

Let’s get it!

Free Affiliate Marketing Website Using (Make More Money) – Episode 267

Revenue Multiplier Class

With every episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I like to equip you with a POWERFUL free resource that goes with the episode which you can implement right away to create some of the same results, if not Free Affiliate Marketing Website Using (Make More Money)freebie-imagebetter, in your entrepreneurial ventures.

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Free Affiliate Marketing Website Using (Make More Money)

Typically, if you have a brand or business, you have two (2) different revenue streams.

Main Money Maker (MMM)

Basically, this is the main thing you are focused on selling.

This is your main goal as far as your sales are concerned, as well as when you are presenting your brand and business.

Related Revenue Multipliers (RRM)

As the name implies, your Related Revenue Multipliers are basically there to help you multiply your revenue.

“Multiply your revenue” means taking those who are not engaging with your main money maker yet and offering them something else that makes you money as well.

To determine what possible RRM's you can have, ask yourself “what is it that my audience wants to buy?”

Because the fact is, they are going to buy it, you just have to make sure they buy it from you.

Having a Kit will amplify this revenue stream for you.

Free Affiliate Marketing Website Using – Why I Recommend Having A Kit

It doesn’t matter if you’re an online business or an offline business.

Having a Kit can amplify your revenue streams immensely.

At the moment, I’m pretty sure you’re already recommending products or services to your audience and people you know – for free.

Although this is something you’ve grown accustomed to, I want to change that line of thinking.

I want to help you make paid recommendations, because ain’t nobody work for free!

Here are some reasons on WHY you should start using

  • Having a Kit allows you to get organized with the products and services that you want to offer to your people

Stop confusing and overwhelming your audience!

This is a fun organized way to make money as you present all the things you are affiliated with to your audience.

  • You don’t have to list EVERYTHING on your website / blog

I don’t list everything on my blog because I do not want to confuse my audience.

When my audience is curious about my books, make-up, equipment, or even my health and wellness routine, allows me to organize my favorite brands.

This way, when I want to share my recommendations, I just send out a short link with everything organized in one place.

You can create these little kits that live outside of your website.

My blog / website is now a centralized focus for my main money maker revenue stream.

  • You can get commission depending on the affiliate program you have attached to your Kit

When people go to you for recommendations based on your expertise, instead of sending them elsewhere you can share your Kit link instead.

Don't send your opportunity away!

For example, you’re a hair salon owner and your audience asks for hair product recommendations – you can use your Kit link ready with your favorites.

In this case, when they purchase something from your Kit with an affiliate link – you earn a commission.

Free Affiliate Marketing Website Using – Signing Up

When you sign up for a free account with you can start creating your “Kits” immediately.

Upon signing up, you can add a profile image, your products, and your affiliate links.

However, my recommendation is to sit down and make a list of what your Kit account would look like.

It’s very simple to add your affiliate links, resources, and descriptions to your Kit account.

So, to get credit for sales, you want to make sure the links you are sharing are your affiliate links.

With that being said, you can definitely sign up to become an Amazon affiliate.

In addition to signing up to become an Amazon affiliate, you can add products or services you are promoting or represent.

This is indeed powerful, so do not forget to use and add your affiliate links so you get paid your commissions.

Free Affiliate Marketing Website Using – How I Promote My Kit

Once your Kit is created you can share it on your social media platforms or even in social media conversations.

Here are examples on how I promote my Kits:

  • Include my Kit in all the shownotes of our all episodes;
  • Include it in some social media profiles;
  • Share the Kit link in social media conversations (ex: Tanya what’s your favorite______?);
  • A link to my kit in the products section of my blog.

**I walk you through this in detail at the video above so don't forget to watch**

So now that I’ve shared this, I have two (2) action steps for you:

  1. Take 30 minutes to create your Kit (it’s free as of the moment!) Start building your affiliate website and share it on social media.
  2. Register for the upcoming web class called the Revenue Multiplier Masterclass (I’ll share with you how to take this strategy to a different level in your business)

In Closing

Hopefully, this affiliate marketing website I shared with you benefits your brand and business.

Remember to sign up for and to register for the upcoming web class called the Revenue Multiplier Masterclass.

I'm gonna pull back the curtains on my multimillion dollar brand and business and show you the three marketing secrets that you need to employ in your business and in your brand.

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Revenue Multiplier Class

Resources Mentioned & More That Will Help Rock Your Biz

The Smart Marketer’s 30 Day Social Media Profit Posting Plan (Free) – Learn More Here

Post purpose drive content that drives sales. Get my free, daily social media business planner and activity tracker. I'm going to show you how I plan 30 days of social media content in just 90 mins and I share with you my exact social media calendar template and tracker. Finally have a profitable social media plan that works!

Tanya Aliza’s Kit – Learn More Here

Many people ask me to share my personal camera and video gear, my health, wellness and beauty products, my favorite books and more. Instead of listing out each item individually here on the blog, I made some really cool ‘KITS’ that you can check out.

I update these favorites all the time to make sure that I’m giving you the ‘latest and greatest’ in what I personally use and love.

If you don’t have a KIT that you share with your audience yet… make sure to check out the free training I made for you here →

Kit’s are awesome and a great way to also add an additional revenue stream to your Brand.

Done 4 You Brand Services – Learn More Here

For my super busy Entrepreneurs out there, I know that you might not have the time to go through the steps of a course or program, and you have the resources to get the experts to do all the work for you. Good news for you… My dedicated internal design team and I can work with you to get your online brand and business all set up. We are marketing experts AND design professionals which makes a big difference when it comes to your Online Brand and attracting leads and sales.

We build and design marketing funnels, websites/blogs, logos, brand boards, facebook business pages and more!

B-LAB – Come Join Us Here 

The B-LAB stands for BUILD LIKE A BOSS! And that’s exactly what you are! You’re the Boss of your business and the BOSS of your life!

However, being the BOSS and carrying the weight of that everyday can get lonely, that’s exactly why I created The B-LAB! This is the place to meet and engage with other Entrepreneurs going through the exact day to day processes as you.

My team and I are inside this community helping you, celebrating you and supporting you through your Entrepreneur journey… along with 37,000+ Entrepreneurs!

Did you get some value from this social media strategy training?

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