Get Your Next 5 Customers This Week

Getting five new customers this week is actually way easier than you think. Now, I know what you're probably thinking – “Yeah right, easier said than done!” Believe me, I totally get it. I used to wonder how to get customers in network marketing and overcomplicate things too. But, trust me when I say it's much simpler than you may think!

So, if you're currently sitting there, scratching your head and trying to figure out where in the world you can find people who would absolutely love your products or services, look no further. I've got your back.

I'm about to spill the beans on four game-changing strategies that will effortlessly attract interested prospects to your business (no matter what you're selling!). These ideas are so effective, they'll knock your socks right off!

But that's not all, I'm also sharing my favorite icebreaker script that you can easily customize to match your own personal style.

Let's dive in!

Episode #331 | Get Your Next 5 Customers This Week

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Highlights of the show that you don’t want to miss:

[0:21] Get 5 new customers this week in your network marketing business. Whatever it is that you're selling. Say good-bye to wondering how to get customers in network marketing, my four list pull ideas are going to rock your socks

[4:17] I’m showing you exactly how to kick-start genuine conversations with potential customers who can’t wait to learn more about your products and join your team.

[6:38] We're breaking the rules and ditching the chitchat. I’m breaking down the reasons why, and what you should be doing instead

[9:56] People love helping other people out but they don't necessarily love being sold to. Here’s how to minimize resistance when asking for the sale

[10:37] Keep track of your prospect conversations and where they stand in the whole process, so you don’t forget anything important

[11:28] No more running after people begging them to check out your products. I’m sharing my framework to secure a commitment before spilling the beans to my network marketing prospects

[14:44] Wondering how to get customers in network marketing? I’m breaking down how you can attract perfect customers and teammates. Find out how to get them raising their hand, and coming to you, without even actively reaching out

Again, don’t forget to download my free 9 min video that shows you how I attract an eager audience of perfect customers and teammates on autopilot that are excited to do business with me…. Without actively reaching out.

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I hope you enjoy this episode of Wired To Crush It with me and I hope it adds so much value to your business and life.

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