How To Create Leaders – My Biggest Mistake in Network Marketing

One of the biggest successes you'll have in Network Marketing is the ability to learn how to create leaders on your team fast and I'm humble to say that this was one of the biggest mistakes I made earlier on in my career.

I've had some amazing success in Network Marketing, but there was a lot I had to learn before I got good and had the leverage that I wanted.

Today I’m going to share with you one of the biggest mistakes I wish I wouldn’t have made in my Network Marketing career when I first got started, how you can avoid this mistake and how to create leaders fast in your team so you can create the lifestyle and bank account that you've always wanted.

My Biggest Mistake – Learning How To Create Leaders

When I first got started in Network Marketing, I did everything for my team and I mean EVERYTHING!

I did all the 3 way calls, all the presentations, and every sit down and home party until I was literally burnt out.

This caused a big breakdown in duplication for my team because ‘Tanya was so good at doing everything' that no one wanted to do anything for themselves.

Sound familiar?

Does your team lean on you a little too much?

If you're like me, I knew I needed to find a solution and fast! Here it was…

How To Create Leaders – My Biggest Mistake in Network Marketing – Episode 9

With every episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I like to give you a freebie resource that you can download and implement inside of your business and start seeing results pretty dang fast!

My Network Marketers Guide To Leadership is the perfect tool to help you setup your team right from day 1

This FREE Guide shows you how I get new teammates started inside my team, what to say, and what to do to help them duplicate your efforts and start to build fast.

Grab this week’s Freebie so you can download and start using it in your business.

How to Create Leaders In Your Team Fast

In the beginning, no one ever taught me that it was okay to encourage and create leaders from day 1 when I got them started.

And people often ask me:

How do you set a new teammates expectations right when working with you?

How do you condition those new teammates to become a leader faster in your team?

Since realizing my big mistake of doing EVERYTHING for my team, I developed a new way of getting my teammates started right and I’ve broken it down into 3 different Phases.

Phase 1: Show them HOW

Phase 2: Get them INVOLVED

Phase 3: Let them FLY

In this week’s FREE Guide, The Network Marketers Guide To Leadership, I break down each phase in detail, I show you how I move my team through it, and what to say.

I wish I would have know this a long time ago. It would have saved me a ton of time and effort.

My goal now with each new teammate (and I tell them this) is to help them become as independent from me a quickly as possible so that they can be a leader to their team. This way they know, and their expectations are set to understand that I'm here to coach them as a leader and they'll be able to grow a big team too with or without me there.

The key is I set the expectation for them. They know I am here to train them and that it’s up to them to ultimately build their business.

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Do you have a Big Mistake you made when you first started your Network Marketing journey? Join the conversation in the comments below.

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