Instagram Marketing Strategy | Use The RIGHT Instagram Hashtags

If you could add one minute more to your Instagram marketing strategy and get way more of the RIGHT people to see your posts, would you want to know what that was?

Of course, right!?

In this episode, I wanna share with you what I recently learned about Instagram hashtags and how to better use them for your business.

Let's dive in.

Instagram Marketing Strategy | Use The RIGHT Instagram Hashtags – Episode 271

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Instagram Marketing Strategy | Use The RIGHT Instagram Hashtags

I want to start off by explaining the core types of hashtags.

It is important to understand these because you want to have a mix of each of these types on your post.

Instagram Marketing Strategy – CORE Types of Hashtags

Branded Hashtag

These are hashtags that you create for your brand.

They are not necessarily well known, widely used, or widely searched hashtags.

Nonetheless, you would still want to use branded hashtags to start building brand awareness.

This helps start building up that tag reputation.

Location Hashtag

These are more or less used if you want people to find you in some local community.

You may use this if you really want to make posts well known in your local area.

Perhaps you’re doing an event of some kind, a promotional sale, an outdoor meetup, or maybe you have a local business you want to be well known in a certain location.

Examples are #chapelhillnorthcarolina #chapelhillNC

Niche Interest Hashtag

Examples are health & wellness businesses, being a fitness instructor / influencer, or maybe you’re a beauty influencer.

Using Niche Interest Hashtags target individuals who are part of niches.

People who are part of these niches follow these types of hashtags.

If you start using niche specific hashtags on your post, they’re most likely going to show up in some of these people’s newsfeed.

With that being said, niche interest hashtags are very important to use.

Broad Interest Hashtag

These are more like “big hashtags” and don’t have a centralized focus.

They are very broad and don’t appeal to a specific group of people.

Typically, these hashtags have millions of posts related to them and are all over the place.

I personally don’t use these too much, but these are where you can really go viral.

However, you want to ask yourself, is your goal in business to go viral or to attract the best potential customers?

Although I don’t highly recommend this, you could still try it.

Examples of broad interest are #love, #TGIF, #ThrowbackThursday

Seasonal Hashtags

These specifically relate to a certain season.

They are not timeless hashtags.

An example is #itsfallyall or #bikiniseason

You could use this for a fall promotion that you’re doing or perhaps you’re in weight loss or fitness where you want to attract an audience who want to be bikini ready.

Now that you understand the core group of hashtags, you will want to mix and match them to get the most exposure.

Instagram Marketing Strategy – How to Find the BEST Hashtags For Your Business

Step 1: Understand who the right person it

I talk about this a lot. It’s because it is VERY important.

You have to understand your tribe.

I will add a resource below where I help you to really understand and dissect who your tribe is – don’t sleep on this free resource!

If you’re showing up on social media, you need to know who you’re creating posts for.

Most importantly, you need to know who you’re showing up for, who you’re helping, and who your best potential client is.

And it's not everybody, all right? It's a very specific somebody.

Given that, you have to know who that specific somebody is before you can go out there and find the perfect hashtags.

Step 2: Make a list of potential topics that your tribe may be searching for or interested in

The way that I use Instagram to figure this out is by using the search feature.

I start writing in the topics and then use the different tabs on instagram that show the tags.

Tags are the hashtags.

Once you have your topic, put that into the search bar on your Instagram app and click “search more”

This will show you some of the most popular tags that are being used.

Step 3: Keep a document / spreadsheet that lists out these hashtags and topics that you researched

Whenever you make social media posts, you don’t have to keep researching all over again.

You can go back to the document that has all your research and grab some and use them in your posts.

Step 4: Piggyback the big dogs

What you want to do, on Instagram, search for some of the top influencers in your niche that have a similar audience as the ones you are trying to attract.

Check out some of their posts and see what hashtags they’re using.

You can swipe and copy some of the same hashtags for your posts too.

Instagram Marketing Strategy – Where to put the hashtags

Now you know how to find the best hashtags and categorize them into what core hashtags they are.

What you’ll want to do when you post now is to include a mix of the core hashtags that are relevant to your post based on the research you’ve done.

One question that I know a lot of my viewers are gonna ask is Tanya, where
do you put the hashtags?

The answer is, you want to put those hashtags right in the post description itself.

You do not want to include the hashtags in the comments section.

It has to be attached to the post description and caption itself.

Hootsuite wrote an article talking about hashtags being in the comments section vs it being on the post itself.

Basically, they conclude that Instagram is not even regarding the hashtags in the comments section.

Instagram Marketing Strategy – How much hashtags to use

Another question I know some of my viewers are gonna ask is, well, how many hashtags do you put in a post?

I would say five to 10. Don't go more than 10.

It just looks weird, and it just looks like you're trying too hard.

You don’t need to have many, you just need to have a few of the right hashtags.

Pro tip: remember that when you include your hashtags on your post, make sure that these hashtags are relevant to what you are posting.

Not only that, it should be relevant to who you’re attracting.

If you're using a hashtag that has nothing to do with the post, it's not gonna help you.

In fact, it might hurt you in the algorithm.

Always remember, I will say this again and again: the goal is not followers, the goal is revenue and business.

Hopefully by implementing this training, you’re going to get your posts in front of more of the right people.

Most importantly, I hope it generates more business for you. That is the ultimate goal.

In Closing

Hopefully, this Instagram Marketing Strategy training helps you create more profitable posts.

Always remember to include a mix of the core hashtags that are relevant to your post based on the research you’ve done.

On that note, don’t forget to grab the resource that goes with this episode called 25 Social Media Post Ideas for you that drive sales.

After going through this, it will help you create better posts that are profitable, and using hashtags now on these posts should amplify that even more.

You can download this FREE resource by clicking the yellow button below 👇

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