Network Marketing Tips – How To Re-Expose Your Warm Market & Finally Get Them Interested

I’ve got some great Network Marketing tips for you here if you’ve ever done a business/product presentation in the past, messed it all up and you’d love to go back and re-share your business with that warm market prospect.

This strategy also works great if you’ve joined a new business and you want to introduce your new business to your previous warm market prospects without looking flakey.

Being in Network Marketing since 2009 and being top recruiters in our company, we have done a lot of presentations and learned a lot along the way working with our awesome team.

Many people ask us if there’s any good network marketing tips to re-expose prospects to get them interested.

Is it even possible to re-engage people that you think you’ve burnt out in the past?

Network Marketing Tips: How To Re-Expose Your Warm Market & Finally Get Them Interested – Episode 25

A little motivation on why this might be of value to you and your business

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My Network Marketing Tips: How To Re-Expose Your Warm Market

There’s a really cool way that you can do this and it works so well – taking all resistance off the table and simply asking them for help or a product testimonials.

3 Keys To This Strategy:

– Apologize, Be Humble, & Transparent
– Tell them the business is NOT for them
– Ask them for a Favor

1. Apologize, Be Humble & Transparent

You can mess up the other 2 keys and still have success if you get this Network Marketing Tip right…

Think about it this way, if someone came up to you and said, “Hey, I’m really sorry. I messed this all up. Would you give me a second chance?”

What would say or think?

If you have a warm market prospect that’s worthy of a second exposure, call them up and say something like this:

Me: “Hey John, I just wanted to reach out to you and apologize.”

John: “What for?”

Me: “Look, I started in my business a year ago and in the beginning I was new and I didn’t know much. I was actually just really excited – and I think when I shared my product, service, or opportunity with you, I completely messed it up. I did things all wrong and I’m just realizing this now because I’ve learned a lot along the way and I just want to say I’m sorry.”

This starts the conversation and takes resistance completely off the table. You want to do this as fast as possible.

2. Tell them the business is NOT for them

Most people try to lead with the business and that can sometimes create resistance. People love to buy products and be consumers – so to get your warm market to take a second look, I’d say something like this:

Me: “So listen John, here’s the deal – I know for a fact that the business side of what I do will probably not interest you at all, but here’s what I do know — From the moment I shared my product, service, or opportunity with you to now, a lot has happened. (Insert great testimonial story of either your own or a teammates)”

3. Ask for a Favor

“I know for a fact we have this amazing product and I think you would love it too. Now, I have no idea, unless we give it a shot. I’m coming to you because I look up to you, respect you… (insert a genuine compliment) I would not being doing my business justice if I didn’t ask you to do me a huge favor and with zero obligation/zero pressure at all – would you do me a favor and try out this product that I have for the next 30-60 days?

Again, no obligation, but what that would do for me is give me a great product story that I could hopefully add to my business. If you love it, great, we can talk more on that, if you don’t love it, that’s fine too.

But at least I know you had an opportunity to try it out and I’m sure you’re going to love it. So would you be open to doing me that favor?”

What would you do if you were asked that question?

You would probably say “of course!” right? 30-60 days for a friend that genuinely apologized for messing it up in the beginning and they look up to you, compliment you, respect you, etc – Of course you are going to help them out.

So what do you do after John says “Sure, I’ll try the product”….???

With every episode, I like to equipped you with a free resource that you can download and implement inside your business and start seeing results with.

This week, I put together a Freebie for you called The Follow Up Be-Back Guide: When to Follow Up & What to Say to get a Solid Commitment or Referrals from your Product Testers.

This Free Guide is the perfect resources to help you know how to Follow Up to get your new customers to commit as long-term customers, give you referrals of other people they know that may also love your products, or scripts to use to transition these new customers to business reps because they love the product and now want to represent it.

Some Awesome Resources That Will Help You Even More

SendOutCardsLearn More

SendOutCards in an important tools in my business that I use everyday especially for thanking my product testers and customers. I love using SOC to send my clients, friends, family, and teammates cards and gifts because it’s very convenient and cost effective. It helps to share my appreciation with them and it’s set me a part as a true professional.

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Did you get value with these network marketing tips? If you did, drop a comment below and let me know and make sure to share this training with your teams or anyone you know that would love it too.

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