Network Marketing Training – How To Mange Your Time With Your Team To Avoid Burnout

In this network marketing training I’m going to show you how to effectively manage your time with your team so you don’t experience burnout.

Have you reached the point where your feeling a little overwhelmed with growing your business and also managing your network marketing team?

If you’re not there yet…this could eventually happen if you’re not properly trained on how to manage your time.

So in this episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I’m going to show you how to manage your time with your teammates so that you stay fresh and continue to love the process of building a team in network marketing.

Network Marketing Training – How To Mange Your Time With Your Team To Avoid Burnout – Episode 202

With every Episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I like to empower you with a POWERFUL free resource that you can implement right away and create results with fast in your business.Network Marketing Tips network marketers guide to leadership

Since we're talking about becoming a great leader to your team. I’ve put together for you My Network Marketers Guide To Leadership.

This is my top guide when it comes to learning how to be the best leader for your team and the best leader in the profession of network marketing.

If you want to build a big team in network marketing, you need to be mentally prepared to deal with a lot of people.

Dealing with a lot of people can sometimes be like trying to herd cats. Ever tried to herd cats?

It’s nearly impossible! lol

Well…now’s the time to learn how to manage your time with your team properly.

If not…you’ll hit burn-out and that’s not a good place to be.

I actually learned the hard way when I first started network marketing.

I wanted to do everything for everybody, and then my team started to grow and I got completely exhausted and burntout.

So if you're in that spot… I totally understand and I’m here to help you out.

I’m going to give you some of my best tips that will help you manage your time properly with your team.

So let’s dive right in…

Part of a good network marketing training plan is to set your expectations with your team

Ever heard the phrase, “you teach people how to treat you?”

Well, it’s true.

You need to set expectations from day 1 so that they become conditioned to how you expect to be treated.

Network Marketing Training Tip #1 – Set your business hours with your team

Another tip I have for you to help you manage your time with your team is to set your business hours and let them know in advance.

That way they know when you're available to work with them.

And I would suggest you do this right from day one.

So when somebody gets started with you in your team, they're going to need your help with maybe three-way calls or three-way chats or whatever it might be.

Let them know when they can expect you to show up to help them if they need your help so that they don't think that you're available all hours of every waking minute of the day.

Let them know what your schedule is and hat times your available.

Network Marketing Training Tip #2 – Analyze who you spend your time with

Let me share with you what I like to call group time versus individual personal time.

If I see somebody in my team that's doing all of the things and they're doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing… they're going to qualify for more of my personal time.

I might get on a phone call or maybe do a Zoom meeting with them.

Whereas some people in the team aren’t really doing as much… those people will qualify for more group time.

And what I mean by group time is maybe a weekly team call that you host or a weekly team Zoom call or a conference call.

So really figuring out, okay, who do you want to spend personal time with and who are your leaders?

This is something you’ll want to figure out with your team and and it will typically take you about 30 days of working with one of your new team members to know how to spend your time with them.

And it doesn't always have to be based on results.

I also base it on that team member's DETERMINATION and ACTION.

So analyze group time and personal time and be very careful and diligent with where you focus personally because that can take up a lot of your time.

Network Marketing Training Tip #3 – Have a weekly team call

Have a weekly meeting for your team so that you can have group time with everybody on the team.

They still see that you're showing up, you're pouring into them, answering questions, and helping them with strategy.

But you're doing it in one centralized time of the week.

You're not available all hours of every day, which frees up a lot of your time and still has the same… if not better impact with your team members.

Network Marketing Training Tip #4 – Point to resources as much as possible

You never want to be the person that knows how to answer every question or help with everything…even if you do know everything!

You want to get really good at pointing your team to resources and encouraging them to do the same with their team and get them to be very resourceful.

A lot of people on my team know that Google & Youtube is your best friend.

I also point to company resources and company tools that we can use to get answers to a lot of the questions.

Make sure that your team members know your company’s corporate phone number as well as customer service phone number.

If you need anything specific that corporate can help you with, make sure you’re utilizing them.

That's what they're there for.

I'm also very careful with what I tell them I'm available for.

I let them know that I’m the person that you want to use for business building… but not for product related questions.

If they have a product related question they can call customer support for that.

So in a nutshell…just make sure that you’re really good at pointing your people to resources and encouraging them to become leaders and resourceful on their own.

Network Marketing Training – In Closing

You want to teach and condition your team members to be the leader that you know they can be.

Cause every time you do too much hand-holding with your team members you're actually doing them a disservice and you are hurting their success.

So by getting them to think on their own and be more resourceful, you’re actually making sure that their success is solid and stable.

And remember to help you out even more with becoming a great leader, I put together a free resource for you called My Network Marketers Guide To Leadership.

It’s going to help you become the best leader that you can be in the network marketing profession and with your team.

Make sure to download it by clicking on the yellow button below👇

Check out the resources in the show notes below for even more amazing resources that go with this episode.

Resources Mentioned & More That Will Help Rock Your Biz

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