Objection Handling Training: ‘I Have to Talk to My Spouse First’

I’ve decided to start a new training series here on my blog called Objection Handling Training because I know so many people struggle with this area in their businesses.

Everyday I get people reaching out and asking me how I would handle certain scenarios and situations with their prospects.

If you know how I operate, I love leverage and I love using my blog to training and help my people.

So I introduce to you:

Objection Handling Training 101

Last night I just wrapped up a 10 Week Business Blast challenge where the leaders on our team got together once a week and took our training to the next level. We talked about everything you could imagine about building a big team in Network Marketing.

I realized that we spent a lot time talking about Objection Handling strategies. Everything from How to handle the No Money Objection to I want to think about it!

Most people are scared to do the presentation because they anticipate objections and questions that they’re going to get (before they even come up) and they’re sabotaging their own success by NOT doing the presentations.

This is a big deal and we need to tackle it.

My goal is to make sure that you have some objection handling training under your belt so you feel more comfortable going out there and doing the presentations.

Because if we don’t get to the presentation…. we won’t have any success.

WORD OF CAUTION: Do not feel that you need to know EVERYTHING before you go out there and present your business.

This will also sabotage your success.

The best way to learn is to get out in the field, get a few objection and just roll with it!

We're never going to KNOW everything (yes shocking right?) but if we understand the basics and foundational elements of how people operate, then we can roll smoothly with the questions and objections that we’re getting.


If you anticipate that you’re going to get certain objections then you WILL.

The energy that you put out when you’re with your prospects will transfer over to them and if you’re already thinking that you’re going to get a ton of questions and objections…. then you will.


Beyond any secret strategy this is going to be the most powerful resource for you in your Objection Handling Training.

What you think about comes about. So remember to always be thinking about the outcome that you want.

What do you want?

An EASY transition after the presentation of course and if you're expecting questions and objections then you’ll get them… if you’re expecting an easy transition… you’ll get it.

Funny How that Works!

So that’s #1 in this whole thing.

#2 – Tanya Come on Already…. I just want to know what to say when my prospect tells me that they have to talk to their spouse first!

objection handling training

I’m going to teach you what to say so that you never run into this ever again (Bold Statement) but it won’t matter WHAT I tell you to say if you’re thoughts and energy aren’t in check first.

Before going into a presentation I want you to try and repeat this affirmation 5-10 times

“I’m so happy and grateful that (insert prospects name) is as excited to join today and signs up on the spot”
Affirmation Tip: Never use the words that you’re trying to avoid. Notice how I never said:

“I’m so happy and grateful that (insert prospects name) is as excited to join today and doesn’t have any objections”

If I say the word ‘objections’ I will attract that.


Now that the Pre-Game is set

What to say when my prospect tells me that they have to talk to their spouse first

Do you know why I NEVER get this objection? I never allow it to come up in the first place.

How do you do that?

You ask questions before you even meet with your prospect.

I’ll give you an example:

A while back I had a guy named Eric call me up and he wanted to talk about joining my team. We scheduled a time to talk and when he answered the call it sounded like he was out running some errands so I immediately knew that I wouldn’t be showing him the presentation at that moment. I asked him a few questions and in conversation I found out that he had a wife named Tara.

Now I could have booked a time with him to see the presentation but I didn’t. I asked him one more important question before that:

“Hey Eric, before I make some time to show you what we’re working on, I gotta ask, when it comes to side projects or financial decisions in your home, can you make those decisions on your own or do you have to talk things over with your wife?”


I promise if you add this one step to your process with spousal situations you’re going to save a lot of time and eliminate this objection completely.

Here’s what happened:

Eric told me that he respectfully likes to include his wife on these types of decisions so I asked him to check with his wife to see when they would be free for 15 mins and would have access to their computer.

I asked him if he could call me back in the next 20 mins to let me know.
Eric called me back and we booked an appointment for later that night (the 3 of us) and I was able to do a proper exposure with both of them.

This is very beneficially because you’re now there to answer both their questions.

Eric and Tara are now on my team and they’re both rocking the business together.

Here’s a picture of us at one of our trainings together:

Eric and Tara objection handling

Wives and Husbands like to feel included and when you can get both parties in on a presentation you won’t have to do any objection handling on this subject.

Hopefully you got value out of this first objection handling training series and I challenge you to try this out the next time you’re presenting to a couple!

Are there any tips that you have when presenting to couples that you’d like to share or add?

Post a comment below and join the conversation in this objection handling training series

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