Sales Prospecting Tips – 5 Places To Find More Customers

In this post, I’m excited to share with you some really great sales prospecting tips and 5 of my favorite places to find more customers for your business, products, or services.

We all know that finding highly qualified prospects for our product, service, or opportunity is really important – It’s quite literally the life blood of what we do.

And having a funnel full of prospects to talk to about our business ensures that we succeed in business. The key is to find more customers and prospects and be that solution provider to their problems with your products or your business.

Being in Network Marketing since 2009 and being a top recruiter in my company, I’ve done a lot of presentations, learned a lot of sales prospecting tips, found a ton of qualified prospects, and learned where to find more customers!

It doesn’t matter where you find people. People are people, so as long as they’re open to hearing more about your product, service, or business… But I will say – if you’re going to be a professional Network Marketer, you need to be employing both online and offline strategies to find more customers and to grow your sales prospecting efforts.

Sales Prospecting Tips – 5 Places To Find More Customers-Episode 26

5 Places To Find More Customers


This is one of the best sales prospecting tips that I can share with you when it comes to finding more customers and business partners in your local area.
MeetUp is a great offline resource for you to use to meet people in your local area based on common interests and topics.

For example, I actually was just at a MeetUp group in my local area and it was WordPress Meetup group. You may know, I love blogging and I was looking for a new assistant at the time and I knew I wanted to connect with someone that knew WordPress.

I went there, made a bunch of new friends, we all had a like-minded interest, and I made a ton of really great business connections.

The people in that group were all entrepreneurs that are already open-minded, so when I started collecting business cards, following up and asking questions (Check out My Top 20 Prospecting Questions Freebie guide for how to do this right), I was able to book quite a few appointments for them to take a look at my products and business.

If you’re in Network Marketing or in Business at all, you should be using in your prospecting to build relationships and connections inside your business in your local area. It’s such an amazing resource.

2. Out N’ About – But Not How You Think

I wish I was taught this sales prospecting tip the right way when I first got started in my business. I would have had a lot less stress take over my body!
I don’t train my team to go out and ‘hunt for prospects’ because, lets be honest, not everyone is right for your product or business but heck, you gotta go out of the house, right?

You may go grocery shopping or out to eat at restaurants and if you come across an individual that you think would be perfect for business and you think they would be pleasant to work with, they have a great attitude, and would add value to the team you are building, here’s what I do:

– Start the conversation
I like to lead with a compliment if they’re providing me with great service and then my favorite question to ask new sharp people I meet is

“What’s your plan?”

Asking that question opens up for so much more conversation and helps you to segway into booking an appointment for them to check out your product, service, or business.

Super Tip: I often get asked – ‘Tanya should I set up a booth at my local fair, craft show, or festival?’

My answer is no.

In giving you the best sales prospecting tips that I can, here’s why –

Instead of you paying money to set up a booth and wait for people to come to you, go to the event as an attendee and make connections with all the people AT these booth tables, collect their business cards and start asking them questions to see if your product, service, or business might be a fit for them and then follow-up with them after the event.

My husband and I just got back from our local boat show this weekend and that’s exactly what we did!

You’ll find more customers and make more connections that way…. and you’ll save time and money.

Find More Customers Online

Let’s dive into some of my favorite Online Places that I absolutely love prospecting.


Every time I train on this sales prospecting tip my people go crazy!

My super favorite place to find more customers online is

If you aren’t familiar with, I just shared in Episode 24 exactly how to use Quora to find the perfect prospects for your product, service, or business. Check it out below in the resources section.

Quora is one of my favorite places to find high qualified and already interested prospects for your business.

4. Facebook

I obviously love, love, love using Facebook and there are certain ways to use Facebook to find more customers and prospects.

Facebook is Marketing 101.

If you ever took a marketing or business class, the 1st rule in business is Location, Location, Location.

So it only makes sense that if you’re online, you want to go where all the people are and ALL the people are on Facebook.

Facebook is definitely my Jam when it comes to prospecting, sharing a ton of sales prospecting tips and building my business online.

One tool that I teach my students how to use is the Audience Insights Tool to help them find those perfect prospects for their product or businesses.
If you’re interested in seeing that training in action you can check it out in the resources below.

Learning how to use Facebook to market yourself is essential for your business going forward. If you don’t know how to use Facebook properly to market yourself and even setup some automation for your business, make sure to check out my Unlimited Fan Page Profits training below.

5. Viral Content Bee

I never see anyone sharing sales prospecting tips on this and it’s a great place to find prospects!

Viral Content Bee a free site that’s a Blogging Hub that houses a lot of different blogging topics from health and skincare to travel and more.

It s a great social platform that houses all different bloggers that are already talking about a certain specific interest.

Why do bloggers Blog? Usually to generate some sort of income, right?

So Viral Content Bee allows you to start connecting with some of the current bloggers that are posting and promoting their blogs on this social sharing network and talking about topics that are congruent with your product, service, or opportunity.

I usually only share this online resource in my private communities, but every time I do, I get messages almost immediately from people saying they connected with these bloggers and signed up a new business member or sold products.

This is a highly qualified place to find prospects for your business.

With every episode, I like to give you a free resource that you can download and implement inside of your business and start seeing results.

This week, I put together My Top 20 Prospecting Questions! This FREE download is the perfect tool to help you start the conversation once you find more customers with these sales prospecting tips.

This Free Guide is the perfect resource to help you break the ice when you go to my Top 5 Places to find qualified prospects, so you can start having conversations with people that areTop 20 Prospecting Questions - find more customers interested in the the topics you promote.

It's really important for you to ask the right questions so you can get the most interest in leading into an appointment for your product, service, or business so I hope you enjoy using these questions in your prospecting!

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Did you love these sales prospecting tips on how to find more customers? If so, join the conversation below in the comments section and if you have a favorite prospecting spot SHARE IT! Keep Rocking Rock Star!

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