The Best Way To Ask For Referrals In Business [FREE Scripts Download]

What if there was a way to ask for referrals in a way that got you at least two referrals every time you asked so you could keep your funnel full of super qualified, hot prospects?

In this week’s episode I’m going to be sharing with you the best way to ask for referrals in Business so you can make this happen.

I had a lady email me a couple weeks ago and ask me to do a training on how to properly ask for referrals and how to connect with those referrals.

If you ask, you shall receive…

Today I am sharing with you how get the most Referrals and start building your Network by asking for Referrals the Right Way.

The Best Way To Ask For Referrals In Business – Episode 22

With every episode, I like to give you a free resource that you can download and implement inside of your business and start seeing results with.

I put together a Free Resource called How to Follow Up With Your Referrals in 6 Easy Steps: Processes, Strategy and Scripts To Help You Sign More Business Through Referrals!

This FREE Guide is the perfect tool to help you connect with your referrals once you get them, the Scripts to use to get the most interest, and how avoid people thinking you’re this weird stranger contacting them!

Here’s the truth when it comes to asking for referrals…

Most people when you ask for the referral, even though it is a very powerful thing for your business, do it all wrong.

Here’s what most people do…

“Hey! Who do you know that would be interested in a side project and make some extra money from home?”

Dum, dee, dum…. what does your prospect say?

“Can I think about that and get back to you?”

What’s wrong with this situation: Most people are just too vague!

The Best Way To Ask For Referrals

“Hey! Let me ask you, who would you say out of all the people you know, are 2 of the sharpest, most business minded people you know?”

So obviously if you ask the right questions and keep it very simple, you’re going to get the right answers and outcome you’re looking for when you’re asking for referrals.

Super Tip:

Keep it very simple for your prospect to give you referrals, make it a fun exercise for them, and make them feel comfortable that if they do refer people to you, you’re going to take care of them in the most professional manner.

Okay, you got the referrals – Now what?

1. Pick up this week’s Free Resource called ‘How to Follow Up With Your Referrals in 6 Easy Steps’

This guide will tell you exactly how to handle the situation from the moment you get the referral’s name, how to engage with them, and get them excited about learning more about what it is you have.

2. Quick Referral Introduction

Ask the person that is giving you the referral to shoot a quick text over to the person they are referring to you and say something like this…

“Hey! I just met this really cool entrepreneur. I think you guys would connect well. Just want to introduce you guys. Her name is Tanya Aliza. She may be connecting with you to talk a little bit more about an entrepreneurial project.”

This small tweak to your referral introductions will help you immensely when you go to contact these referrals.How To Follow UpWith Your Business Referrals In 6 Easy Steps

3. Follow Up With Your Referrals

Don’t wait to reach out to your referrals – especially when your prospect has already sent an introduction on your behalf.

Just send them a quick text and say something like this…

“Hey Louise, I got your name from John. He just texted you about connecting a little bit more. I have a little bit of a busy schedule over the next couple of days, but could you shoot me a couple of times that you would be free this week that we could possibly connect for about 15-20 minutes? I’d love to meet you.”

For the rest of my training on how to handle referrals and what to say that has helped me so much in my business, check out this week’s Free Guide.

4. Take care of the hand that feeds you referrals

What’s this mean?

It means that if someone refers you to someone else, take care of them. I like to send them a thank you card for giving me the referrals and I also like to send them a little treat if their referrals turn into any active business.

I talk about this more in Step #6 in the free guide that you can download this week, but I’ll also leave a resource that I love using for this type of service below in the resources section.

Some Awesome Resources That Will Help You Even More

SendOutCardsLearn More

I just mentioned this service in step #6 in the guide so I thought I’d leave a link for you to check it out. I love using SOC to send my clients, friends, family, and teammates cards and gifts because it’s very convenient and cost effective.

The Ultimate Branding BlueprintLearn More

This is my signature training that teaches you how to build a Brand and Blog online to generate leads and sales 24/7 even while you’re sleeping.

Who needs a bunch of referrals when you have business coming your way everyday!

Cold Market Lead MasteryLearn More

If you’ve ever been afraid of the phone, nervous about calling leads, or wondered whether it was possible to make a fortune working leads alone, this course answers all of those questions in a heartbeat. It’s a great training that I love sharing by my friend Todd Falcone

How To Win at the Game of ProspectingLearn More

Listen to Todd Falcone as he covers step-by-step exactly how he went from being a sweaty, nervous wreck who spent nearly 18 months working 10+ hours every day with very little to show for it to being known as one of the Master Prospectors in the entire Direct Sales and network marketing arena.

Did you get value from this week's training and resource? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you liked best or if you'd like to share a referral generating tip… Also, make sure to share this training so your team can benefit.

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