3 Steps To Finding A Wildly Profitable Online Course Idea

In this episode, I’m going to share with you 3 steps you can take to come up with a wildly profitable online course idea.

So many people are curious about the digital course world and becoming a digital course creator, but are totally blocked when it comes to coming up with a great idea.

People ask me all the time “Tanya, I’d love to create a digital course and take advantage of all the impact and income potential, but I have no idea what to create, and WHO would listen to me?”

If this is you… this episode is going to rock your world.

By the way, this is part 2 of a series that I’m creating all about digital courses, so make sure to check out the training episode before this where I talk about How I made $250,000 With My First Online Course.

Let’s dive in!

3 Steps To Finding A Wildly Profitable Online Course Idea – Episode 257

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This week, since we're talking about ideas to come up with for a profitable digital course, I have a really cool quiz that I would love for you to take. This quiz is actually created by my friend and mentor, Amy Porterfield called ‘What’s Your Personal Path to Creating a Profitable Digital Course?'

This quiz will help you get started on creating your digital course and give you a roadmap to get out of your head and into action.

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Online Course Idea – Step 1: Write Down All The Things That You're Good At

I want you to think about the things that people ask you for, or ask for your help with.

Here are some examples:

  • Favorite Recipe
  • Unique Gardening Tips
  • Engaging Social Media Posts
  • Meal Prepping Hacks
  • Fitness Tips
  • Dog Training Tips

I want you to think about all the things that you do in your day-to-day life, or things that you have a unique ability for or something that you're really good at that other people ask you about.

By the way, I know a gal that makes over $100,000 a year showing people how to make her famous caramel apple recipe – so believe me when I say that it can be anything.

Online Course Idea – Step 2: Write Down All Of The Wins You Have Had In Your Life

A win could be any kind of accomplishment.

Here are some examples of wins:

  • You're Good at 5K Marathon Runs
  • Awarded the Best Boss award
  • Top Affiliate In Sales
  • Earned bonuses at work
  • Make the best recipes / dinners at home and your kids absolutely love whatever it is you cook for them

Start to think about any of the things that you've had success or results with.

I want you to think of absolutely and anything that you can think of as an accomplishment or win in your life.

Online Course Idea – Step 3: Ask Your Network What Comes To Mind When Thinking Of You

If you can't think of any accomplishments or wins or things that you're good at – go to your network.

Go to some of your closest people and say “hey, when you think of me and you think of the things that I might be really good at?” or “What might I be really helpful with, what comes to mind?”

Online Course Idea – BONUS STEP

Ask yourself out of all of these things that I have just brain dumped on this list, what would I get excited sharing with the world?

All it needs to be is something that you're good at that the rest of the world might be interested in as well or some of the rest of the world.

Like I said, I know a gal that's making over $100,000 a year teaching her caramel apple recipe.

People wanted to know what it was, and she's just making caramel apples at home for her kids.

Until one day she brought caramel apples to a party and everyone thought they were the best!

Everyone wanted the recipe and she's now created a six-figure business from this.

So, if that's not inspiring, I don't know what is.

You can survey your audience to ask them if they think it's a good idea or if they would be interested in learning more.

You might have an audience that is really primed and ready for what it is that you want to teach or what it is that you wanna share, and some of you might not, but it doesn't mean that it's not gonna be a good digital course idea.

Don’t completely weigh your decision on this.

It really depends on your audience, and you’ll attract a whole new audience with your digital course.

It just might not be falling on the ears of the right audience.

So what you wanna do is make a post on social media that says “hey, I'm looking at teaching and sharing with you guys my caramel apple recipe that everyone always asks me about, and if I were to put this in a step-by-step format and you could learn about my famous caramel apple recipe that people would rave about all day long after you created it for them, would you be interested in learning more about this?”

This does two (2) things:

  • Creates a buzz that something is coming
  • Helps you see if there is interest

Now, it doesn't mean that that's your only audience because when you create your digital course, and especially if you follow Amy Porterfield's Digital Course Academy we're teaching you how to attract an audience that's going to be perfect for what it is that you create.

Amy Porterfield is actually who I learned from, in recent years, how to really maximize my digital course efforts.

I've been through her program called Digital Course Academy and it was by far one of the most amazing programs I've been through in helping me to create my digital course (The eighth one that I created.)

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I also highly recommend that you take Amy's quiz on your Personal Path to a Profitable Digital Course.

I'll also leave a link to that below.  It's very, very, very helpful, and it will also help you to come up with a great idea that is profitable as far as the digital course goes.

I hope you get the opportunity to come and join us in Digital Course Academy.

I also wanna make note that this is a training series, all wrapped around helping you to create a digital course and creating awareness for it.

Make sure to watch the previous training episode where I talk about How I made $250,000 With My First Online Course and watch out for the next training episode coming up.

In Closing

I hope this second episode of this 4 part series helped show you three (3) steps you can follow to come up with a profitable digital course idea.

Just remember, if you’re thinking about creating a digital course, list down what you’re good at, list down your wins, and ask others what they think you’re good at.

Depending on when you’re going through this training, I want to invite you to my girl Amy Porterfield’s FREE Masterclass called “5 Little-Known Mistakes *Most * Course Creators Make (+ What to Do Instead).

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I would also suggest taking Amy’s quiz on ‘What’s Your Personal Path to Creating a Profitable Digital Course?’

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You can take the 2 minute quiz by clicking on the yellow button below 👇

3 Steps To Finding A Wildly Profitable Online Course Idea_Quiz-Button

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Did you get some value from these 3 steps you can take to come up with an online course idea?

I hope you did because each week I put my heart into making sure you get some good training on creating an online course that will be wildly profitable.

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