The Dreaded – I want to think about it – Sales Objection

If you've done any amount of business presentations then you'll be very familiar with the ‘ I want to think about it ‘ stall and sales objection.

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How are you currently handling this when it comes up in your business? Are you handling this in a way that speeds up the process of your prospects getting started with you?

If not, you'll love this post because I know it'll help you feel more comfortable with this stall.

Sales Objection: Handling the Dreaded – I Want to Think About it


So you've completed your business presentation and you've transitioned into asking for the sale and your prospect says ‘looks good but I'm not looking to get started today and I'd like to think about it'

You're sitting there going ‘what the heck do you need to think about?' 

Well, if you don't ask then you'll never know and if you don't ask for details then you'll have a hard time helping them with their thinking.

So ASK in a nice non threatening way.

Here's what I would say if someone told me they need some time to think about it.

First, qualify the sales objection and make sure they do see an opportunity with you. (You don't want to waste your time if they're just saying that because that want an out)

Sure John, I can appreciate you needing a bit of time to think on it, but help me clarify something. Are you truly seeing an opportunity here and you just need some time to think on it? Or are you just saying you need to think about it because you don't see an opportunity and you don't want to seem as if you're blowing me off?' (insert a cute laugh)

This is exactly how I would qualify this and start handling this sales objection. This saves time and wasted follow up because do you really want to spend more time with someone that’s not interested?

Heck no…. your time is better spent finding people that are looking for success.

Find out what they need more info on

If they say they need to think about it, obviously they have unanswered questions and the last thing you want is them Googling stuff.

So find out what they need and get it to them.

Here's what I say:

‘Okay cool so you just need to think on a few things. Awesome. Can you share what you need to think about? I typically know that when someone says they need to think about it, they still have some questions and I want to make sure I get you all the information you need to make a good decision with our team. So what exactly is it that you need to think about?'

This is where you're gonna be helpful. Don't be weird or too pushy, be helpful when handling this sales objection.

Naturally if you're cool and sound helpful, they'll tell what they need more of.

Here are some reasons that may come up and I actually have a training on each that you might find helpful. 

I need to talk to my spouse
I don't have the money
– I'm not sure I'll be successful
– I want to test the market first

These are pretty much the only reasons that are rolling around their head when it boils right down to it.

In Handling the ‘ I want to Think About It ‘ Sales Objection

It’s our job to help walk them through a positive experience.

Of course an immediate sign up is always great but sometimes waiting is the best thing you can do.

If you force someone into joining you, they'll probably not produce as much volume as the other person that took the time to think about it and actually committed.

This business is not about us… It's about the people that we can help and they have to commit for this to work.

Never leave a meeting without a follow up date and time scheduled. 

This is a big one that I see too many people miss the mark on.

After you answer a few questions and let them know that you can get them some more info, schedule a time when they'll be getting started.

I actually tell my people that I don't what to feel like I'm bugging them to get started. So I schedule a time that will give them some time to think and I have them in my calendar before I leave the conversation.

The last thing you want is to feel like you're chasing you’re people.

Be a professional and schedule it. 

I also let them know that if they want to get started before the date that we have scheduled, to call me immediately to lock in a spot. I’m going to be building and doing business in the meant time and I don’t want them to miss out on too much.

I also tell them not to share anything with anyone until they're trained because if they go out and start sharing without the proper training they'll be messing it all up.

Sales Objection Handling Conclusion:

I know it's frustrating to get the ‘ I want to think about it ‘ but sometimes it's actually a good thing to have your people think about. You're going to invest a great deal of time with them and you want to make sure that it's a good investment of your time.

Just remember to qualify the situation, get them what they need, make them feel comfortable with your process and schedule a time for them to get started.

Hopefully you now feel more PRO when it comes to handling this in your business.

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