I Love Using This Network Marketing Tool To Enroll Teammates Faster

Network marketing tools are essential in our business.

Imagine building a house with the wrong tools, or worse, no tools at all!

And when you do have great tools you don’t want to waste time or money giving out the tools with no conversion happening.

So in this episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I’m going to be talking about one of my favorite network marketing prospecting tools and how to use it to crush it in your business.

There is a very strategic method to using tools to get people to take action with you and it’s going to help you enroll more teammates faster in the business.

I Love Using This Network Marketing Tool To Enroll Teammates Faster – Episode 217

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Using Network Marketing Tools To Get New Teammates Consistently

Sometimes, your prospects will not tell you the real reason they don't want to join your business right away.

And some of these reasons might not even have anything to do with you or the products or even the company you’re promoting.

Often, it has to do with them and their self-limiting beliefs.

And the crappy thing is, they won’t share that with you.

Just think of this for a minute- have you ever thought that you couldn’t do something for whatever reason?

You may say to yourself things like

✓I’m too young.
✓I’m too old.
✓I’m not good looking enough.
✓Who the heck would listen to me?
✓I’m not good at business.
✓I’m not good at sales.

At some point in our lives, we all have had self-limiting beliefs.

How do we remedy this?

1- For starters, you have to be aware that this is happening.

And when you’re aware, you can go far.

2- Number two, you have to be equipped to combat and conquer.

What I mean by that is that you have to help your prospects.

The #1 best way to do this is to share real-life stories.

Whether they’re your stories or somebody else’s, sharing stories is the best way to combat self-limiting beliefs.

But, what if I told you there is a really cool Network Marketing tool out there to help your prospects overcome their self-limiting beliefs?

And, you don’t even have to do much- just share the tool and have a really good process for when you share the tool.

One of my favorites is called The Networking Revolution and I’m going to leave a link in the show notes below for you so you can get more info on it.

I’ve already done an episode previously on my channel talking about this book but it's really helpful and powerful that I want to talk about it again.

It goes through all these different women’s stories on what they used to do before a home business, and when they got into their company and some of the things they were able to do because of it.

Yours truly is actually in this book! 🙂

But that’s not why I love it.

When I went through the book, I realized that it was such a good tool for prospecting!

I’ll leave a link in the show notes so you can get a few copies.

So, let’s quickly dive in on how to use this tool (or any tool for that matter).

How to Use my favorite Network Marketing Tool – #1 First, let them go through the regular process

Basically, I put my prospect through the same prospecting presentation and flow that I put everybody through.

We try to get an immediate decision right away.

Some people are gonna say “Yes, let’s do this!” right away, but some people are gonna need more time and more information.

The people who need more information are the people who are on the fence.

What I do is, and when I know that it has something to do with self-limiting belief, I share “The Networking Revolution book” with them.

Network Marketing Tool – #2 Share the tool with them and give them a timeline

When I share the tool with them, I give them enough time to read through the book.

But, I also tell them that I need the book back so I can share it with other people.

So, I schedule a circle back date and tell them that I’ll answer whatever questions they still have, ask what they've learned, and see if there are any opportunities for us to take the next step together.

Here is the foundation of this process: I’m not just giving my tools away by saying they can just check it out whenever they want or that I’m never gonna get the tool back.

I don’t want you to be wasting money on samples and tools.

This is the defined process: Share the tool with them, get the tool back, schedule a follow-up, and ask them again, “Hey, would you like to make a decision with me?”

Network Marketing Tool – In Closing

This is how the professionals use tools.

If you give out a tool, please give them a process to follow and a timeline so you can schedule a follow up with them.

We’re always giving them information, helping them with their questions, collecting feedback with the tool, and most importantly, we are asking for the sales.

To amplify this strategy, it’s really how you position yourself so that people will take you seriously while you’re sharing tools.

Okay I hope this was helpful for you.

If you want to dive deeper and see how I’m prospecting and getting people through my process then make sure you get registered for me free training class where I show you how I’m enrolling 2-5 teammates each week into my business using my social media blueprint.

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This book was co-authored by my good friend and Lady Boss, Jessica Higdon. I not only love cause I’m in it (wink wink), but because it show cases many success stories from everyday people that have created amazing results in Network Marketing. I have multiple copies of this book on hand to share with my prospects as an amazing recruiting tool. I suggest you order a few copies too!

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