My Favorite Indirect Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts That Gets Prospects Curious And Interested

In this episode, I'm giving you my best network marketing prospecting scripts that will help you crush your fears and feelings that hold you back from becoming a prospecting beast.

Have you ever felt weird, salesy or even cheesy prospecting people for your business or trying to make products sales?

I know I sure felt icky and weird and like I was hunting for people to talk to and it felt really inauthentic to me when I first started in my business.

But I got over it with a really cool technique that I’m going to share with you in a bit so make sure you dive into this entire blog post.

Believe it or not, even though I’m now a top earner in my company I still get intimidated at times by certain prospects.

But I’ve got a really good indirect network marketing prospecting script that I love using that makes it easy for me to share my business, service or products with them.

So in this Episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I’m going to share my indirect network marketing prospecting script that will help you talk to anyone you want to share your network marketing business or products without you or your prospects feeling weird or icky.

My Favorite Indirect Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts That Gets Prospects Curious and Interested – Episode 191

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Today, since we're talking about my indirect prospecting script so you can peak your prospects curiosity and see if they're interested.

I've put together for you My Inviting, Presenting & Closing Like A Boss Scriptbook so you know exactly know exactly what to do and what to say if you’re prospects are interested.

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A Pro Tip before using my Network marketing prospecting scripts

We’re going to dive into my favorite indirect network marketing prospecting script, but before I do I want to give you a Pro Tip.

This is something that helped me along the way of prospecting when I first started in my business because I had a really weird disconnect with prospecting.

It felt really inauthentic to me.

So what I did is I changed the word prospecting to making friends and that helped me immensely.

It switched my way of thinking and I didn't think that I needed to have that person join my business or buy my products from me.

I went into it as, “Hey, I'm just going to talk about what it is that I have and regardless if the person's interested or not, at the very least, I may make a new friend.”

I really had to trick my brain because prospecting was like an icky word for me.

And it was holding me back and not allowing me to just go out there fearlessly and do the action that I knew I needed to take to create that result that I was looking for.

If you find yourself feeling the same way I did, give this technique a try…you never know it just might be the very thing that helps you out when prospecting.

When to use my network marketing prospecting scripts

Ok, so now let’s dive into my indirect network marketing prospecting script.

Let's say you go out there, and you're like:

?”OMG, this person would be so perfect to work with or be perfect at this business.”


?”OMG, this person would be perfect for my products, or a perfect customer.”

?Or maybe they really need your products or services that you have, but you're a little chicken to ask for the sale.

Let’s say you’re not over the fear of rejection yet but for some reason something might be holding you back from talking to a prospect in any of these scenarios above.

This is where you’ll want to try using my indirect prospecting script.

My network marketing prospecting scripts when leading with the business

Here's what that indirect script might look like:

“Hey John, I'm curious and just have to ask, do you happen to know anyone right now that's looking to make some extra income on the side if it didn't interfere with what it is that they're already doing?

I had a really cool opportunity cross my path recently that's gotten me really excited.

I was looking to make an extra 500 or $1,000 to cover some expenses we have and I discovered something I'm actually becoming more and more passionate about every single day.

Do you know anybody that would be in a similar situation?”

With these Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts you're indirectly painting a picture they can relate to.

If anything you’ve said hits a hot point for your prosepct then they’re going to come right out and ask you to tell them more.

This basically puts them in the position of asking you for more information vs you giving them all the details they never asked for in the first place.

It takes the weird, icky feelings out of the equation.

I've used this indirect prospecting script many times.

I would say about 7 out of 10 times that I use the indirect script I’ve had my prospect actually be curious about the thing that I'm talking about for themselves.

This script works and it allows you to get your foot in the door or plant that seed in your prospects mind about what it is that you’re doing.

My network marketing prospecting scripts when leading with the product

Now you might be wondering, “Tanya, what if you want to do an indirect prospecting script that’s product related?”

And of course I got you covered.

Here is what an indirect prospecting script might look like when leading with the products:

“Hey Samantha, I'm just curious, do you know anyone that's looking to lean out a little bit or lose a little belly fat?

Now I know this might sound like a weird question, but I've recently been introduced to a really cool product that that has helped me quite a bit.”

(Here you can insert your specific story if you have one or a third party story)

Here’s an example of how to insert a story:

“I was personally looking to lose 15 pounds and this has really helped me get on the path to doing that.

I'd love to spread the word with anything that's helped me like this has helped me. So do you know anybody at all that's looking for similar results?”

Now you can see this takes a very indirect approach with talking to your prospects.

Basically seeing if they know anybody instead of directly asking then if they are looking to lose weight.

My network marketing prospecting scripts when someone gives you a referral

Now let’s suppose your prospect says, “Yes, I know someone.”

What do you say?

I have a really great episode on the blog that teaches you exactly what to do and what to say when you get a referral from someone you use these indirect scripts with.

I’ll leave a link to the episode in the show notes below this video.

Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts – In Closing

Prospecting can be a really uncomfortable process for a lot of people in network marketing.

But this doesn’t have to hold you back. Use the pro tip that I shared with you to overcome any mental block about prospecting.

And then when you come at it from the mindset that you’re making a new friend you can use my indirect script to ease the tension or uncomfortable feelings about presenting your business, service or products.

But to make this easier for you make sure you download My Inviting, Presenting & Closing Like A Boss Scriptbook.

It will guide you and show you exactly how to invite, present and close using my scripts that I use that have helped me become a top recruiter in my network marketing team.

You can download it by clicking on the yellow button below ?

Network Marketing Training - How To Transition A Conversation To Business When Talking To Prospects

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Did you get some value from these network marketing prospecting scripts?

I hope you did because each week I put my heart into making sure you get some amazing network marketing prospecting scripts so you can rock it in your business while creating a life you love.

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