Sales Training 101 – The FASTEST Way To Close A Sale (My Secret Re-Framing Method)

I put this sales training together after one of my teammates come to me and asked me;

“Hey Tanya, I’m talking to a prospect that loves the benefits of collagen (a product we sell) but they don’t want to drink it… they want to take it in capsule form. How do I overcome this objection?”

Now, I know, it can be really frustrating when someone doesn’t see how great your product, services or business is.

So in this episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I’m going to show you a strategy that I’ve been using for over a decade that works really well at overcoming your prospect’s objections and REFRAMING them to think bigger and inspire them to take action NOW.

And this will work in ANY sales scenario… it doesn’t matter what you’re selling.

Sales Training 101 – The FASTEST Way To Close A Sale (My Secret Re-Framing Method) – Episode 238

With every episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I like to empower you with a POWERFUL free resource that you can implement right Objection handling Freebie-Coveraway and create results with fast in your business.

This week since we’re talking about the best way to close a sale when talking to a prospect, I‘ve put together a guide called The Objection Handling Story Scripts Guide.

This guide is full of story examples you can use to handle the most common objections and questions that you face when taking prospects through the sales process.

I know it’s frustrating when your prospect isn’t seeing the value of your products and services or the vision that your business has to offer.

But sometimes it isn’t the prospect it’s the way we communicate with them and overcome their objections.

I have an objection handling formula that I use and it looks like this:

1️⃣ Be postured
2️⃣ Have fun
3️⃣ Laugh
4️⃣ Call To Action

Before we dive into examples on how to overcome your prospect’s objections with this formula I want to share a really important pro tip with you.

PRO TIP: The energy you give to your prospects will be the same energy you get back.

Keep in mind that if you tackle their objections as if it was an attack on you or what you are offering, they will come back in a defensive manner.

But if you keep it light and you inject your sense of humor, they will be more open to moving forward with you.

Ok so let’s walk through the scenario my teammate had and see how we would handle it using my formula.

1️⃣ Be Postured

First things first, having posture isn’t about being too serious or sounding extremely educated in your sales process…it’s all about YOU taking your business seriously.

If you’re someone who’s really shy or you find that you’re having a hard time leading your prospects to make a decision…you’ll find value in a previous episode I did where I show you how to have posture during the sales process.

I’ll link to it in the show notes section below so make sure you check it out 😉

2️⃣ Have Fun

Okay so using my teammate’s scenario, she had a prospect that was looking into our collagen product and she said, “Hey, I really like the benefits of what your product does, but I want to take it in capsule form, not liquid form.”

Now anybody would be like, okay that makes absolutely no sense.

Doesn’t everyone know that liquid form is more biologically available and absorbs faster in your body than capsules or pills?

Now I may know that, but my prospect doesn't.

So what I like to do is to change the energy a little bit.

Instead of saying something like, Oh don’t you know that pills are inferior to liquid and start giving her a bunch of facts, I will instead focus on bringing her guard down and keeping it light.

I’ll say something like, “Jan, you seriously like to pop pills every day?”

So I would start by saying that and then I'd say, “No, seriously, everyone knows that liquid form is now better and more biologically available in our body and we know that women want firmer, younger-looking skin faster, right?”

And then I would end with, “right?”

And we put a benefit in there and grab logical thinking, but I'm having fun with it.

You see that right?

And I also say phrases like, “Hey, everyone knows or Don't you know this already?”

It gets them thinking why everyone knows that and they didn’t.

And will prompt them to hopefully look into it.

3️⃣ Laugh

Humor is very important when taking someone through the sales process. It makes overcoming objections an easier and more relaxing process.

If you noticed in the example script above, I don’t throw facts at my prospect, in a humorous way, I ask if she wants to really be popping pills every day instead of liquid which is already known to be more biologically available.

4️⃣ Have a call to action

The last step is to insert a call to action.

I would say, “Hey Jan, here’s my suggestion. I know that you love all of the benefits that we talked about and I want you to experience these benefits faster and I know that that's much more possible with our liquid form versus a pill.

I understand that maybe that's your preference, but I want you to get these benefits faster.

Here's what I suggest.

Why don't you try our liquid form for 30 days?

And if you're not completely satisfied or blown away with the results or the taste, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee.”

I'll even have some fun with it and say, “If you're not completely happy, you can go back to popping your pills every day and I'm going to fully support you either way, whatever you choose after 30 days, but you never know unless you try.”

So that would be my call to action.

I’m postureD and I know the benefits of my product but I'm not pushing it down somebody's throat.

Sales Training – In Closing

So to recap on everything we’ve covered so far:

The energy you give to your prospects while overcoming any objections will be the same they give back to you.

If that’s the only thing you take away from this sales training, it will do you a world of good.

But you still want to follow my objection handling formula:

1️⃣ Be postured
2️⃣ Have fun
3️⃣ Laugh
4️⃣ Call To Action

And if you’re not having fun with it, you’re doing at all wrong.

You want your prospects to remember how fun and comfortable it was to go through that whole process with you.

If you do it this way, chances are that even if they don’t buy right away, they won’t hesitate to call you in the fitter if they change their mind.

Also, remember to download this week’s freebie called The Objection Handling Story Scripts Guide.

This guide is full of story examples you can use to handle the most common objections and questions that you face when taking prospects through the sales process.

You can download it by clicking on the yellow button below 👇

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