How I’m Learning To Stop Being a Control Freak (My Biggest Leadership Flaw)

Are you wanting to learn how to stop being a control freak in your business?

If you’re a control freak like me, I can promise you that it’s definitely holding you back in your business.

Now for me, I get this quality from my mother. Sorry, mom.

I wanna share with you some things that have recently happened in my life that has helped me see how I’m getting in the way of my own business.

But more importantly, how I am overcoming this leadership flaw.

Now, it's not a character flaw, because sometimes taking control is good in business.

But in leadership and moving forward in your business, it can actually be really harmful.

Ready? Let's dive in!

How I'm Learning To Stop Being a Control Freak (My Biggest Leadership Flaw) – Episode 250

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I learned a lot about myself during my biggest business launch

I just wrapped up one of the biggest product launches I’ve done in my entire business career and we welcomed over 622 new students into a program that I created called My List Building Bootcamp.

Inside this program I teach people how to grow their email list, their brand, and influence through my freebie funnel method that I've been using in my business for many  years.

The launch was A LOT of work and we poured our heart  and soul into it.

And while we did many things right, we also did some things wrong.

I'm going to take full responsibility for almost all of the things that we did wrong and I’m going to share with you what these mistakes were so that you can avoid them altogether.

So anytime I launch something or I’m creating a monetary goal for myself, I set three goals not just one.

I break the goals down into three categories.

1️⃣ Must have goal 🙂

2️⃣ That’s awesome goal 😀

3️⃣ Holy ****! goal 🥳

And so we reversed all of our numbers and we knew exactly what we needed to do to hit these numbers.

Now I will say that we were a little bit shy of my mid goal. We did about $750,000 in revenue for the entire launch.

And because  I'm a control freak and an overachiever I was thinking oh gosh we didn't hit my big goal.

But I am very happy about the results we got and we have a lot of amazing students that I get to work with and I'm loving each and every single one of them.

How being a control freak helps me

When I bring on people to help me in my business, I'm always bringing on people that I know how to train or gauge their results with.

This is something that’s really important as a business owner.

And this is also where me being a control freak serves me well in my business.

I see so many entrepreneurs that are wanting to start an online business. and they're like, ‘Okay, I'm just going to hire everything out to people to do for me.'

And they don't have any knowledge of how to do those things themselves, and then what ends up happening is they waste a whole bunch of money because they are hiring people to do a job they don’t know how to instruct themselves.

They also don't know how to review to see if that work was even done correctly, or if it's going to be good for them.

So if you're building a business, I definitely encourage you to hire someone to help you out but  you need to be at least a little bit educated on what you're hiring for so that you can set expectations for that role.

If not, then you're putting yourself in a position where you could potentially waste a lot of money and time in.

How being a control freak hurts my business

So that’s how me being a control freak has served me well…but now let’s talk about how it got in my way of having an even more successful launch.

I believe that me being a control freak was the reason why we weren’t able to move as fast forward as I think we were supposed to.

One of the things I'm learning how to overcome is letting my team and my leaders that I've hired just do their work. 

Because when I micromanage my team so much, they feel like they can't make decisions on their own and I want them to be leaders.

And then what ends up happening is they don't feel like they shouldn’t make the decisions on their own because I'm micromanaging everything.

If you hire help, it’s good to sometimes just let them do what they do and then steer them in the right direction if you need to from there.

Because you never know, they might even come up with a better idea than you even had in the beginning. 

But  you at least want to give them that opportunity.

Perfection is the enemy of progress

Another way that me being a control freak hurt me during the launch, is I was doing a lot of day to day in my business.

My mom always taught me to work really hard. So I have that inside of me.

Thank you, mom!

I want to help and do all the things, and I want them to be done my way and perfect.

Of course, it’s my perfectionism getting in my way too.

And because I did that with this launch, I severely sacrificed my sleep, health and mood.

And I think that would not have happened if I just was able to let my control freak exit the building.

Things I’m doing to get better

So here are some things that I'm doing to overcome all of my control freakness so I can literally get out of my own way and actually see results faster in my business.

Because the reality is, if you see people that are just moving really fast in business and they're making decisions like this and they're not worrying about being perfect.

When my team asks me a question, I don't answer it without them first giving me two possible solutions.

I let them become the solution seekers.

So instead of me saying, this is what I would do, I say, ‘Okay, great, that's a problem, what are two ideas or solutions that you've come up with to navigate this problem?

My team is really smart so  what we do is we pick one of those two solutions and then they feel empowered with making that decision.

And I don’t have to actually take up brain space trying to figure out the solution myself or be the problem solver for everything.

Learning to trust is very important when working with a team

I’m also working on trust. Trust is a thing that I feel everybody has to earn with me.

Maybe it has something to do with my past because I'm not automatically a trusting person, especially when it comes to the things that are really important to me.

And so I'm working on that.

I have to trust that I do have the right people in the right roles doing the right things and trust that they are going to make the best decisions for the company.

And for me, I've got a fabulous team that works with me and I should absolutely trust every single one of them.

There's no reason after as long as they've been with me that I would have no trust in them. 

So I need to just let go and trust that they are going to make the right decisions for the better of the company.

How To Stop Being A Control Freak – In Closing

Okay so I hope this episode was helpful in helping you avoid these mistakes that I’ve made so you can skip them altogether.

Because the truth is that you can’t grow a 6-figure business all on your own.

You’ll need to hire help and you want to set your team up for success so you can grow fast in your business.

One of the things that people ask me all the time is, ‘Tanya, how do you hire people?’‘

‘Where do you find the good virtual assistants and where do you find your team members?’

So to help you with this I put together The Entrepreneurs Roadmap To Outsourcing.

This guide will walk you through the process of finding the perfect virtual assistant for you and the activities that you want to outsource to them and how much and how frequently you should pay them.

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