My 4 Step Social Media Engagement Strategy (BEAT The Algorithm) 

A few Sundays back, I tested a social media engagement strategy that I had heard about.

The strategy is all about warming up the social media algorithm before you post, that way your post will be shown to more people.

I wanted to test this strategy myself first before doing a training on it just to make sure it does indeed work.

Normally, I post and reply to likes and comments as I can, but I wanted to try something different to see if I could find a formula that worked even better when it comes to getting the most exposure for my posts.

We work hard creating these posts, so we should have the most people see them right?

The results were pretty crazy engagement and the most commented post to date on my Instagram account.

So in this episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I want to share with you the exact steps I took to warm up the algorithm to work in my favor, the results I got, and how I systematized this in my own process.

My 4 Step Social Media Engagement Strategy (BEAT The Algorithm) – Episode 242

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Normally, on a weekend I get really poor engagement on my social media posts.

Part of my strategy is to not post anything on the weekend that I would want MOST of my audience to see.

But… because I was using this new social media post strategy which I’m going to share with you in a minute, I got a crazy amount of engagement even though I did it on a Sunday.

Here is the strategy and it can be broken down into 4 parts.

Social Media Engagement Strategy #1 – Like and comment on other people’s posts (5 minutes)

It was a cold, rainy Sunday, so I laid down on the couch and hopped on social media.

I spent about 5 minutes engaging with other people's posts.

This basically warms up the algorithm and prepares it to show your post to more people.

Social Media Engagement Strategy #2 – Share A Heartfelt, Vulnerable Post (10 minutes)

Took 10 minutes of my day to put together a really heartfelt and vulnerable post.

Now I believe that the post had a lot to do with why also the engagement was really high on it. It was very personal.

I shared a little bit of a timeline journey for my entrepreneur journey and I shared with them even the struggles.

Sometimes, a lot of the time people are sick and tired of hearing about all of the crazy awesomeness and everything's great when you're an entrepreneur.

That is furthest from the truth.

There is a lot of downtimes that we have as an entrepreneur, and unfortunately, not many people talk about them.

So I talked about them. I shared the journey, the failures that I had, and I was really vulnerable in that post.

Social Media Engagement Strategy #3 – Post On Social Media

I then uploaded my post on Instagram and Facebook.

But I took it a step further.

I shared it on my Instagram stories and then highlighted that story on one of my highlight reels on my profile.

This is a strategy I recently learned to get more exposure for my posts.

If you want to learn more on how I’m doing this, I’ll leave a link to Episode 236 in the show notes section below.

Social Media Engagement Strategy #4 – Immediately Engage With The Comments

And the last thing that I did is immediately after I posted, I started engaging with people that were commenting.

I batch a lot of my work so I normally reply back when I’ve scheduled it into my day but I went in and immediately started engaging and commenting back.

And almost immediately, I had hundreds of comments.

My post was getting shown more than any of my other posts, and it went on like this all week, even though I posted it on a Sunday.

Here were the exact results combined from both Facebook & Instagram:

?1,118 likes combined from both Facebook and Instagram posts together and


And this was just in a matter of maybe 10 days + no paid ads running to this post.

This was all organic likes and comments.

Crazy right?

Now, I do believe that the post was also why I got so much engagement.

It was a very personal and vulnerable post that allowed people to see what it’s REALLY like to be an entrepreneur.

Most people get tired of hearing how awesome entrepreneurship is because the reality is, it comes with its challenges and struggles that most entrepreneurs don’t talk about.

And I created it as a story that shared my journey as an entrepreneur.

Sharing stories on social media is a powerful way to attract new business.

If you’re not sure how to properly share powerful stories that get people engaged then make sure you download My 3rd Party Power Story Template & Worksheet.

Social Media Engagement Strategy – PRO TIPS

I did turn a lot of these comments into some sort of a business transaction.

And what I mean by a business transaction isn’t necessarily always a sale, it could also be awareness to my brand.

That’s why I always have a lot of freebies that people can download and use them to help them in their business.

In some of the comments on my post, I would share one of my freebies that I knew would help people with certain struggles or strategies they wanted to learn.

When I share a freebie with someone, it gets them on my email list and they're exposed to a lot of the things that I'm involved in and do and I get to build a deeper relationship with them.

So when you're on social media for business you want to be very intentional and find a way to post and get a lot of engagement.

But not just engagement because your goal isn’t to win a popularity contest, it’s also to make money.

The best way to do this is to give value that brings them into your brand and builds brand awareness.

Over the years, I've figured out the best way to do this is through a freebie of some sort.

Now, if you don't have a value-based freebie set up in your business, stay tuned because I have something coming where I will show you how to set up a really effective high-converting freebie funnel for you and your business.

This way, you lead with value in the marketplace and stop coming across as sales by posting your business opportunity or business products everywhere.

Business is really about connecting and building relationships, and that's what social media is all about.

Social media is not about you, but it has everything to do with how you can show up and how you can help.

In Closing

So to recap here are the key strategy takeaways you want to start implementing on social media…

? Personally respond to your comments
? Use this strategy once a week
? Turn your comments into business opportunities

Now, I don't expect all of my people to spend all day every day on social media.

In fact, I steer away from that theory as much as possible because as a business owner, that’s not a life that you’ll love.. spending all day on social media to build your business isn’t smart.

But maybe implement this once a week to warm up the algorithm and get a little boost on your posts.

And remember to weave in stories as much as possible.

Stories are powerful because they get people engaged more than any other type of post.

To help you do this, I’m giving you a free guide I put together for you called “Your Power Story Template & Worksheet.

This template and worksheet will help you articulate your POWER Story so every time you post on social media or talk to a prospect, you’re confident, powerful and your prospect can relate and get excited about what it is that you’re sharing.

You can download it right away by clicking on the yellow button below?

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I hope you did because each week I put my heart into making sure you get some good Social Media Engagement Strategy so you can rock it in your business while creating a life you love.

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