Social Media Marketing Tips – How To Post On Social Media To Make More Sales

In this episode, I share my best social media marketing tips that will show you how to properly use social media as a platform for getting more exposure, leads and sales for your business, product or service.

Are you getting the results you want with your social media marketing strategy?

Let me guess.

You have a dang good business, product or service that you know your fans are going to absolutely want and love.

You post day and night, anxiously awaiting all those likes, comments and shares you know you’re bound to get.

And you wait… and wait… and wait.

But all your getting is…zilch..nada:( No likes, no comments, no engagement.

Don’t get discouraged. A lot of people don’t know how to properly use social media.

In this episode, I’ll be showing you how to properly use social media as a platform for getting more exposure, leads and sales for your business, product or service.

Social Media Marketing Tips – How To Post On Social Media To Make More Sales – Episode 42


With every episode of TanyaAliza TV, I like to give you a free resource that you can download and implement inside of your business and start seeing results with immediately.

This week, I put together a Free Resource for you called My 5 Facebook Post Ideas template that willhelp you get more exposure, leads and sales through social media. You can use these templates no matter what company, product or service your promoting.

There are two ways of using social media to promote your product, service or business.

There’s the wrong way and then there’s the right way.

Knowing the difference between the two will make or break your social media marketing efforts.

I’ve built a 7 Figure online business using social media. And trust me I’ve learned a thing or two about how to do it the right way.

Wanna’ know how I do it?

I’m gonna tell ya.

Here are 3 tips that will show you how to get more engagement and exposure with the messages your posting on social media.


In the world of social media, storytelling is becoming more widespread as a way to create interest and curiosity with almost every audience.

Most people have a limited digestion for a steady diet of facts and figures, preferring a story every time.

Here’s why:

  • People don’t want to be sold on social media.
  • Stories increase consumption of your sales message because they create curiosity.
  • Stories trigger emotions.
  • Stories avoid confusion.
  • Stories express things in simple terms that people are already familiar with and can easily relate to.

Anyone can recite a set of facts, statistics or figures. This will not start a conversation. And it won’t catch anyone’s attention.

You want them to be interested in what you’re saying?

Share a story or experience that people can identify with and then end with a question that prompts them to want to ask how they can achieve or attain the end goal of what it is that you are promoting.

Cause really, who cares if miracle ingredient XYZ is in your product?

No one.

Share a story about how miracle ingredient XYZ helped you lose 20 pounds.

Now were talking…literally.

Use and share stories as a way to create curiosity and engagement in your social media posts.


Just when you think you’ve got Facebook figured out, they turn around and change something again!

Social media platforms are constantly changing and our job as entrepreneurs is to stay up to date with those changes.

And right now, here’s what you need to know when posting on Facebook.

When you post a link in a Facebook post, Facebook’s algorithm will detect that and think it’s promotional and won’t give your post much reach.

Facebook (and other social media platforms) wants to show users only the content that is most engaging and drop everything else.

So basically, that means very few people that you're connected to will see your post.

So, what do we do about this?

Instead of adding a link, create a call to action and encourage people to reach out to you via messenger to get more information about what it is your sharing on Facebook.

Peeking your audience’s curiosity to want to learn more about your business, product or service is the key when it comes to selling or promoting through social media.


Photos are the primary type of content posted and shared on social media.

Posting photos is a great way to generate more attention from your fans because images are easier to consume than text.

I believe that photos are the “holy grail” of social media engagement.

However, not all photos are created equal.

Stick to sharing photos that convey the end goal of your business, service or product.

Lifestyle photos are hot and you should be using them. Testimonials are great for generating engagement and curiosity. Before and after pictures are great as well, especially if you’re in the weight loss and fitness industry.

If you’re in network marketing, no matter what company you’re in or what service or product your selling. At the core, what we are really selling is a better lifestyle of some kind.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and when it comes to generating engagement, you want to take full advantage of every chance to communicate your message.


People today are savvy and they are looking to connect with real people who care about who they are and what they are looking for.

Don’t engage in sharing spam or conducting your social media marketing in a spammy way.

Always lead with value and what you can do to help OTHERS.

Make your audience your number one priority.

Show that you care and genuinely interested in providing a solution to their problems.And if you want some great examples of how to create curiosity with your social media marketing posts then be sure you download the free resource I created for you called The 5 Facebook Post Ideas Template.

You can download it by clicking on the big yellow button below.

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Did you get some value?

I hope you did because each week I put my heart into making sure you get amazing tips and strategies to rock it in your business work while creating a life you love.

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