How To Hire A Virtual Assistant (Job Description Template Included ?)

Have you ever wondered how to hire a virtual assistant for your business?

Well, guess what? You're not alone! Questions like “How do I find one?” and “How do I trust them with my passwords and private information?” are just the tip of the iceberg.

Fortunately, I recently just went through this process in my business and successfully tackled every single step of the process. And here's the exciting part – I want to take you behind the scenes.

I'll show you from start to finish exactly how I secured the best virtual assistant possible for our brand and business and set them up for success… From the job description to how I proceeded with the interview process, trust me, I've got you covered!

So, if you're itching to see this journey from start to finish and have an over-the-shoulder look at how we put it all together, this is the episode you've been waiting for!

Episode #320 | How To Hire A Virtual Assistant (Job Description Template Included ?)

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Highlights of the episode that you don’t want to miss:

[1:58] Discover the secrets to attracting top notch Virtual Assistants! I’m sharing the 3 things you need to know when crafting a job description that is both clear and compelling.

[6:19] My go-to place for finding the best contractors and Virtual Assistants. We’ll dive into the step-by-step process of posting an engaging job description in less than 10 minutes.

[8:49] Taking you behind the scenes! I'll show you exactly how to hire a virtual assistant, and what that process looks like for our brand and business.

[13:20] Learn how I effectively incorporate screening questions as a part of my hiring process, and why this is so important to include.

[25:59] Do you REALLY need to conduct a Zoom interview? I’m sharing my top tips for interviewing potential VAs. Don't make a hiring decision without hearing this!

[27:04] One of the most powerful questions to ask in an interview in order to find the best fit when it comes to building and expanding your brand and business.

[30:45] You never want to have a task in your business that anybody is executing without having this small but mighty tool.

Again, don’t forget to download the Job Description Template to streamline your hiring, attract the right talent and set clear expectations effortlessly.

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Episode 261 | 9 Steps To Hiring A Virtual Assistant That Helps Grow Your Business & Saves You Time

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