I Ditched Traditional Network Marketing Prospecting | Here’s How I Attract Leaders

Are you tired of spamming people, lurking in groups, and having inauthentic conversations just to find new teammates for your network marketing business? Well, you're in luck! Today, we're chatting about why I ditched traditional network marketing prospecting, and how to attract leaders to your team.

I have been in the network marketing profession since 2009 and have built a multiple seven-figure brand and business. It’s safe to say that I have learned a thing or two about effective prospecting!

In this episode, I’m sharing how you can consistently generate leads and prospects who are genuinely interested in joining your team without dancing on Reels or TikToks, or posting on social media till you're blue in the face.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Episode #328 | I Ditched Traditional Network Marketing Prospecting | Here’s How I Attract Leaders

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Highlights of the show that you don’t want to miss:

[1:03] Learn the secrets to building a team of high-performing leaders in your network marketing business

[2:23] Ditch traditional prospecting methods and discover how to attract your perfect teammates and customers

[3:42] Instead of spamming or lurking in groups, I’m sharing what I focus on focus on to attract my perfect teammates and customers, and weed out those who aren't interested

“You want to lead with Value, and you want that value to weed out the people that are perfectly ready for your product, business or service that it is that you're promoting.”

[6:29] Get my 5 email sequence that will strategically get your prospects closer to making a buying or joining decision with you

[8:11] I’m sharing the secret to a never-ending stream of buyers. Learn how to implement this system in your business and never run out of people to sell to or recruit

[8:56] My journey of enrolling over 1k teammates in network marketing. Plus, actionable steps to replicate this successful network marketing prospecting system in your own business

Again, don’t forget to watch my free masterclass to discover my 3 “Smart Marketing” secrets that help me attract 20-28 perfect buyers, on autopilot, every week!

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