How to Properly Market Your Business On Social Media

So you’re in Network Marketing and you’re posting your stuff on Social Media, but you’re not getting any signups or generating any business.

What the heck right?

The big question is… Are you posting the right things and saying the right scripts?

So How Do You Market Your Business on Social Media & Get Results?

I’ve been marketing my business on Social Media since 2010 and I can definitely say that there a right way to do this and there’s a wrong way to do this. Most often I see people do it all wrong and I see so many marketers mess up Social Media.

So today in this post I’m going to share some insight on how to market and share your business properly on Social Media.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, doesn’t matter, the concepts are all the same and you have to learn how to do this properly before you get your account shut down or even worse…. you turn people OFF with your spammy marketing tactics.

The other week I did a live Periscope and shared these 4 things:

  1. How to respect the Social Media Platform you’re on
  2. Why you NEVER what to post the name of your company
  3. How to set up your profile so you’re attracting people to you
  4. Why you NEVER want to send links to anyone via chat


Watch the Periscope Recorded Training Here – How to Properly Market Your Business on Social Media

The Rank Up Challenge that was mentioned in the video is now closed for registration, but if you want to hop on the waiting list for when we do it again you can click the link below to get on the waiting list.

Click Here To Hop On The Waiting List For The Rank Up Challenge

The Strategies that I share in the video are how the professionals in our industry will operate on Social Media.

I know there’s pretty shitty training out there on what you should be doing on Social Media, trust me, I’ve been exposed to some awful training that did not help my marketing efforts at all.

It’s one of those things that ‘We don’t know what we don’t know’ and if no one teaches you how to do it the right way you’ll never know.

The cool thing is that we’re now connected and Now You Know!

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It’s free and I share some good Skill Strategy it there.

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