If I Could Focus On Just ONE Thing To Skyrocket My Social Media Lead Generation… This Is What I Would Do!

Want to know the secret to my social media lead generation?

In fact, the next few episodes scheduled on the show are all about this marketing strategy…


Because, in my opinion… It's the most powerful strategy you can employ in your business.
Sited from lemonlight.com:

  • 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video
  • More than half of shoppers say online video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy.
  • 78% of marketers say video has directly helped to increase sales
  • 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media

So what’s the marketing strategy… VIDEO!

A reliable and high-performing video framework that generates leads like a well-oiled machine.

And if you’re thinking, “Tanya, I’m freaking terrified of Video!”


People in every industry try to perfect their social media lead generation, but few are using an actual video marketing framework to convert and drive sales.

Building a business takes work – but if you only had a small amount of time or resources I would spend all my time making videos (a certain way), that attract my tribe and move people into action.

Here in Episode #292, you’ll learn one of my favorite strategies when it comes to my social media lead generation, plus this strategy converts a ton of SALES.

Because let’s face it, leads are good, but SALES are better!

If I Could Focus On Just ONE Thing To Skyrocket My Social Media Lead Generation…This Is What I Would Do! – Episode #292

Stay tuned for the Fearless Video Challenge coming next week!

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Here are the minute marks that cover highlights in the episode you do not want to miss:

(6:07) – What I would do if I had to start from zero to drive leads and sales 

TRUTH BOMB: If you have very little time or resources, this is my best advice on where to start with your social media lead generation.

(9:39) – How videos have impacted my social media lead generation… in a BIG way!

Video marketing is key for driving sales and earning trust. I talk about my journey and how I build trust and rapport fast, with brand-new people I’ve never met before, and how I convert them into raving buyers!

(13:49) – My biggest strength in my business… and my weakness might surprise you!

From video marketing to creating podcasts, to blogging, it might be hard to identify which one to focus on, but here are my thoughts and let me know if you relate.

(15:45) Why you need a video marketing strategy 

If you’re looking to drive leads and sales with video marketing? You need a strategy. Nowadays you can implement short-form videos or long-form videos, and it is so easy to get lost doing ALL of the things for social media lead generation. Find out what I recommend to everyone if they’re just starting out.

(17:23) – Why having a Freebie Funnel is an absolute MUST when you’re creating content online… including videos

If you want more automated sales coming in for your business, find out how I use funnels in my business and why they’ve been a game changer with my social media lead generation results.

The goal of this episode is to warm you up to the idea of using video or doubling down on video in your business.

The coming episodes are going to break down more of the detailed strategies.

  • How to structure your video for leads and sales
  • My complete YouTube video process
  • Types of video content that will bring you endless leads and sales… and more!

In the meantime – Get ready for the challenge we’re announcing next week and grab my My Video Script Cheat Sheet.

The content and marketing strategies this month that we have planned for you are going to be amazing… so buckle up and get ready to crush it here with us.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Wired To Crush It with me and I hope it adds so much value to your business and life.

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