Turn Your Expertise & Knowledge Into a Profitable Digital Course | With Amy Porterfield

I am fan girl crushing a lot today because I get to share with you an interview with my virtual mentor, Amy Porterfield. I had the chance to pick her brain all about how to create a digital course that sells, and build a true online business that supports the lifestyle of your dreams.

I genuinely believe that if you take this interview seriously and you take action on the tips and strategies that we train and teach you on, this has the opportunity to completely change your life.

Personally, I can vouch for the life-changing effects of venturing into the world of digital courses and becoming a digital course creator, as it completely transformed my own journey back in 2014. This is why I am so passionate about this topic. Amy and I talk about how to extract and pull out expertise that you may not even know that you have, knowledge that you might not even know that you have, and turn it into a profitable digital course.

In my opinion, everybody has that magic that we can dig deep and extract and pull out and turn into a profitable digital course that has the opportunity to change your life. Amy and I share a lot of these strategies inside of this interview today. I'm so excited for you to be able to tune in and learn how to create a digital course.

This interview is going to be powerful. Let's dive in!

Episode #322 | Turn Your Expertise & Knowledge Into a Profitable Digital Course | With Amy Porterfield

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Highlights of the show that you don’t want to miss:

[3:25] Amy's journey to becoming a digital course creator, and how she got the courage to leave her 9-5 job and venture out on her own.

[6:29] I’m sharing my own success story and how I was able to do a $785,000 launch after going through Digital Course Academy back in 2021.

[8:34] The real reason why Amy decided to create the Course Confident Bootcamp, what you will learn, and if this is right for you.

[11:32] Amy Porterfield shares what she calls “the sweet spot formula” to help you uncover your “thing” and come up with a course idea that people will want to pay money for.

“As long as you have the information that people want, you've got a course in you.”

[16:26] An incredible story of how one woman created a wildly successful course (over $60,000 in her first launch) all around a caramel apple recipe.

[17:25] Benefits of having a digital course: From helping you to create freedom and having more time to spend with your family, and doing the things that you love, courses truly are the gateway to creating the lifestyle that you want.

[18:10] Reverse engineering and making course sales more achievable using Amy’s “Course Math Formula”. This process is crucial when it comes to how to create a digital course that is profitable.

[21:20] Amy shares why she doesn’t recommend first-time course creators to start with a signature course, and what type she recommends you create instead.

“The only difference from someone not creating a successful course and someone absolutely getting it out there and creating a successful course is they said, I'm going to do it scared.”

[25:46] Amy shares her excitement about Digital Course Academy 2023 and what she is incorporating into the course this year to help you fast track your success – you're going to love this!

[30:18] Your burning question answered… If you’ve been wondering why Amy Porterfield only opens Digital Course Academy for enrollment for 8 days out of the year.

Again, don’t forget to Enroll in Course Confident Bootcamp if you want high-touch accountability and industry-leading guidance to help you nail down your digital course topic, type, price, and audience growth plan in a matter of days!

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Tanya’s Digital Course Academy Bonus Package | Amy’s program is so amazing that I’ve partnered with her this year so I could share it with my audience. AND…. if you enroll with us I have a live (in-person) workshop I’m doing that I’d like to invite you to, that will complement her program so perfectly.

Course Confident Bootcamp | High-touch accountability and industry-leading guidance to help you nail down your digital course topic, type, price, and audience growth plan in a matter of days

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