My Complete YouTube Marketing Plan Revealed + How To Build a YouTube Plan for Your Business in as Little as 2 Hours a Week

Today’s Episode is a powerful one. I get to reveal my complete YouTube Marketing Plan plus I get to show you how to build a YouTube plan for your business in as little as 2 hours a week!

Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking all about using video to crush it in your business.

In Episode 292 I talked about how video is the most effective way I discovered to generate leads from Social Media without ads.

In Episode 293 I got to Interview my friend Mark Harbert and we talked about how Video Marketing has helped us create million dollar brands.

YouTube has been one of the biggest drivers of business for me and I haven’t talked much about it until now!

Why? I think people are scared of video and I didn’t want to scare people away.

However, over the years I've come to learn that my tribe (YOU) are BOLD and you don’t fear anything.

You want proven, leveraged results for your business and it’s time we grab each other’s hand and crush it with Video… especially with this simple YouTube marketing plan.

This episode is one you’ll want to bookmark and come back to often… it’s like a mini workshop with a very actionable roadmap that you can follow.

Let’s dive in…

My Complete YouTube Marketing Plan Revealed + How To Build a YouTube Plan for Your Business in as Little as 2 Hours a Week – Episode #294

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Here are the highlights in the episode you don't want to miss:

(6:18) Video Topic Examples That Stop The Scroll & Bring You Perfect Buyers

I share 3 examples that reveal my video topic and title formula. Copy this formula and use it when you create your YouTube Marketing plan video framework (which I also share with you).

(12:00) Is YouTube saturated or even worth investing time and effort in? 

This is a question I get asked ALL the time and to be honest, it’s valid. YES there are a TON of people, brands, businesses, gamers, dogs, rabbits, cats, kids and more on YouTube… BUT there is still a HUGE opportunity and I will explain where this opportunity exists!

(18:45) How I plan my video topics. PLUS… my secret weapon for efficiency  

There’s 2 parts to this process and it shouldn’t take you more than a few hours to create week’s of content. This is my topic and content planning game plan and I’ll share it with you to copy so you can insert it into your YouTube Marketing Plan.

(23:23) My film and production process … Hint: there’s nothing fancy!

If you think you need fancy equipment to produce and film videos, you don’t! Find out what tools I use when it comes to equipment for filming and editing.

(29:08) Before pressing ‘PUBLISH’ on YouTube… 

There are a few YouTube marketing checklist items that need to be in order to get the most visibility for your videos! Here’s a little behind the scenes of my entire process before I hit publish.

(32:42) After pressing ‘PUBLISH’… Your first 24 hours are most important

Too often I see people put SO much energy into creating content, but they forget to promote it. The first 24 hours in your YouTube marketing plan are the most important. Discover the one thing I recommend that helps me get more views on my videos.

Okay my friend, after you listen to the episode, it’s time to put this in action and I got you!

Action moment checklist:

1. Join us in the Fearless Video Challenge
2. Download my My Video Script Formula To Leads & Sales – Get It Here
3. Open up your calendar and plan out your 2 hour time blocks for the next 6 months
4. Implement the 4 P’s
5. Get an accountability partner (you’ll be able to find one in the challenge)

Remember: The secret to success is consistency!

Let’s crush it with video!

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Wired To Crush It with me and I hope it adds so much value to your business and life.

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